Gematsu Review: Catherine

Gematsu: "When the team that developed the Persona series releases their first high-definition game, it’s something everyone should pay attention to. While it’s certainly a step away from the role-playing games they usually develop, Catherine is no less innovative. A story centered around a love-triangle, the game tests the player’s commitment and tower-climbing ability."

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CrzyFooL2487d ago

Great game. Most interesting I've played in YEARS.

zerocrossing2487d ago

I havent played the game so I cant realy agree, but I'll give you an agree anyway since some idiot disagreed with your personal opinion.

Cpt_kitten2487d ago

defiantly, finally got some money together to get this and not interfere with bills.....the persona devs never disappoint me can't wait for P5

LOGICWINS2487d ago

I was just reading some Gamestop user reviews and I must say, such ignorance. Some dude complained about the length of the game..yet he admits he only played it on Easy mode lol.