Review: EVE Online (DualShockers)

Giuseppe Nelva from DualShockers gives an updated in-depth look to the unforgiving space combat MMORPG by CCP Games.
Eight years after release and with a tie-in PS3 Shooter coming next year, EVE Online is still one of the most relevant games in the genre.

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JohnColaw2540d ago

An interesting re-take on the game. From the sounds of things I would seriously be interested in this, if not for monthly charges which is what really ends up keeping me away from playing MMOs anyways.

Abriael2540d ago

Personally, I'm not much of a free to play lover. Most free to play games require you to spend more than your average monthly fee on cash shop stuff in order to be competitive anyway.

Faelan2540d ago

It's possible to play EVE for free. You can buy game time in the game (PLEX) with in-game money (ISK). This is perfectly legal and has been set up that way by the developers (CCP). I'm running 3 accounts at the moment and not paying anything for it :)

Now, as a new player, don't expect to pull this stunt off right away even though it is technically possible... but say... 3 months +/- some depending on how dedicated you are, how quickly you learn and most importantly, your ability to think outside of the box.

Abriael2540d ago

yep, I'd say 3 months to start getting your first PLEX is about right, maybe 4-5 if you're slow

Saeveth2540d ago

I still think this game is way too much work for someone who has any interest in any other games, but it still sounds very cool.

Chadness2540d ago

I love the concept of EVE Online, always have. Just too many MMOs out there to try out and I have to limit myself to one or two.

ATi_Elite2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

A few things about Eve Online

1. It's the Hard of the hardcore
2. lots and lots of strategy and planning is involved
3. very hard learning curve
4. will take up your entire life
5. Will almost be the only game you play
6. Largest game world ever that keeps expanding
7. everything you do effects the game world and other players
8. Nothing is repetitive about Eve Online
9. requires a lot of dedication to master

but once you get the hang of it and start to advance up the ladder....Eve Online is probably one of the greatest MMO's and or Games EVER that's been going strong for 8 years!!!

Abriael2540d ago

The new player experience they introduced with Incarna actually helps a lot with the learning curve.

Agreed on the rest :D

ArchangelMike2540d ago

Must... nnottt... ret...urn... to EvE.... mu..stt ress..isstt....