Comic-Con 2011 Report and Why E3 Should Open Itself Up to the Public

GameDynamo - "This was my first Comic-Con, and arriving so closely after E3, it was an interesting chance to compare and contrast the two events. My conclusion? E3, which is currently only for industry professionals, needs to open itself up to the public, even if just for one day. The reason I say this is because Comic-Con is all about the fans - they're what make the event so special - and I think E3 could also benefit from having a similar crowd present."

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Focker4202606d ago

Obviously the press conferences should still be closed to the press (they're packed enough as it is), but the rest of the convention should be open to the public imo.

The biggest event of the year (for gamers), and its only open to the press. I would be there next year guaranteed if they were to open it up to the public.

sarabbc2606d ago

That's a good point. Even at Comic Con, I think the special events are only open to a limited public and mostly for media.