The nine game characters we feel most sorry for

GGTL: "The list of game characters has grown exponentially over the years, and with them the issues that develop in such a memorable way. Some of these problems are a bit more serious than others, but hey, they're still problems right?"

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Misterhbk2611d ago

I do feel bad for Tidus in final fantasy X but if you play X-2 you learn that things aren't completely bad for him.

Oh and Dom. Damn must suck to be him lol.

Da One2611d ago

Playing the monstrosity that is FFX-2 is the problem.

FFX was good enough

Misterhbk2611d ago

yeah, its not the best game ever lol, but I loved the story in Final Fantasy X so I made myself get to the end. I had to know if Tidus was gonna come back lol

Da One2611d ago

yeah me too........

also why do you and i have disagrees

guitarded772611d ago

X-2 was horrible... oh, and where's Kratos that poor bastard went through hell... twice. Not to mention wife and kid were killed by his own hand and his dad tried to kill him.

Panthers2611d ago

You dont have to play X-2, just youtube the secret ending... which never made any sense to me why they would make such an important ending a secret or whatever.

It was a great ending though.

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phinch2610d ago

Sorry off topic here but when i saw this screen shot this morning i thought it was going to be news on a HD remake of ffx....... Man that wouldnt have been amazing

newhumanbreed2611d ago

I kind of felt sorry for Mr. House. I felt bad killing him lol.

Scissorman822611d ago

No mention of Soul Reaver's Raziel? Fail. :P

MrSpace2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

I'd rather feel sorry for Squall then Tidus.

Never knew his father, mother died, was left in an orphanage, the one person that he looked up to, "Ellone" was taken away from him and made him into the lonley, selfish jerk we meet at the begining of the game.

To be honest Squalls character development is amazing from the jerk we see at the beginging to the brave heroic leader we see at the end. Shame people always just call him an "emo" and judge him from the guy we see at the start of the game instead of what he turns into.

Maester072611d ago

Agreed - Squall's character came into being before Emos became so global! I'd never even heard of the term until around FFIX time.

WhiteLightning2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

I have to admit he does have the best character development in the franchise. The way we see the change of his character as he slowly opens up to the people around him and even the girl he loves makes that final scene with him and Rinoa finally kissing at Garden party way more satisfying

It bugs me that people say Squall is an emo, so what does that make Cloud then. I'll get hate for this but in reality, getting past all the "FF7 is the best" talk that's clouded peoples judgment (be honest most of the FF7 "lovers" havent even played FF7...they just are repating what FF7 fans have said), FF8 was the better game in many ways and character development was one of them. All this talk of the junction system being hard or the draw system being crap are just silly excuses.

Deadman_Senji2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

none of them are emo, you're furthering the bastardization of a word used to describe an outdated fashion. Nobody should even use the word emo anymore. If you do, it should be met with ridicule, laughter and "oh my god this guy is a total fucking idiot."

FF8 was not the better game. It's cool to have your personal opinions and what not, but you're being retarded. And most of the FF7 "lovers" have actually played the game, it wasn't their first FF or JRPG. You can stop that bullshit right now. So LET'S BE HONEST're just expressing your personal opinion in a very assholish way. My advice would be to shut the fuck up.

And I actually like Final Fantasy 8.

WhiteLightning2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

Says the guy with a Sephiroth avatar...yeah I bet you like FF8 ¬¬

All I got from that was your an immature little prick

Go and troll somewhere else.

How should I bubble you down bad language or Personal Attack....What to choose, what to choose

Cpt_kitten2611d ago

cloud is emo

Squall's back ground is just for is personality, love FF8 my personal top choice

iamtehpwn2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

^ Not to Say Squall didn't have reasons to be depressed... although you're wrong. Cloud has a much more depressing Background than Squall.

First of all, Cloud was not emo. He was actually quite happy cheerful. In fact, Cloud has about 3 personalities. In Crisis Core, he's cheerful and upbeat (comparable to Tidus or Zack), in FF7, he's a complete jerk does not give 1/12th of a fuck. In Advent Children (The people who don't know the FF7 universe well point to Cloud as being), He's weighed down with the problems of his life and become fragile, mostly due to the fact that he's dying due to a fatal disease with no cure called Geostigma.

His being mind control, and was betrayed by the man he called his hero. Both of his parents died. His best friend and mentor died trying to save him, and then amnesia made him not only forget about Zack, about inherit parts of his personality. Aerith died, and Cloud felt like he failed to protect her. He questions if his whole life was lie or an illusion.

omi25p2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

Issac Clarke. (Dead Space)
Roman Bellic. (Grand Theft Auto IV)
Niko Bellic. (Grand Theft Auto IV)
John Marston. (Red Dead Redemption)
Cole Mcgrath. (Infamous)
Mad Dog The Rapper. (Grand theft auto: San Andreas)

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