Will the PS Vita Eat Away at Nintendo's Handheld Market?

Gaming Irresponsibly takes a look at the PS Vita vs the struggling 3DS.Will the PS Vita destroy Nintendo's market?

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Rrobba2574d ago

It certainly has potential, but Nintendo has ruled this market for 20 years, so it will be tough.

agentxk2574d ago

I agree but Nintendo did their best to alienate their core fans and scare away the hardcore fan base as well.

Nintendo: The Amy Winehouse of the gaming industry.

Rushing_Punch2574d ago

Bubs for making the best Nintendo comparison I have read on this site!

LOGICWINS2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

"Will the PS Vita destroy Nintendo's market?"

LOL..hell no. This is Nintendo, the same people who made the DS the best selling gaming platform of this generation besides the PC. Vita will never have any franchise that can rival the popularity of the Pokemons and Marios of this world.

But from what I can tell, Vita will still be a very good product if ur interested in what it offers.

"Nintendo: The Amy Winehouse of the gaming industry."

lol, too soon man.

jony_dols2574d ago

I actually wouldn't mind if Nintendo did a Sega & got out of the console manufacturing, and focused on game development instead.

It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, if we saw all Nintendo's franchises go multiplatform.

I think Sega are probably glad that they got out of the console business when they did, seeing as how production costs have spiralled out of control, and companies now stand to lose everything if their consoles fail....

MaxXAttaxX2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

...with 70 million PSPs sold worldwide.

But here's the thing about the PSP and DS(soon PSV and 3DS)
* Their target audiences are different.
* Their games are different.

And frankly, because they are so different, a lot of people can easily get both (minus the hardcore fanboys on N4G that pretend people only buy one).

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miyamoto2574d ago

not only the PS Vita include the smart phones & tablets too. its a level playing field this time,

Sony & Google though are on the same Android Team against Nintendo, Apple' RIM & Microsoft & Nokia.

Cal6642574d ago

They stand a chance of pulling it off the PSP is already pretty popular and this could be the push Sony needs to take the crown.

Rushing_Punch2574d ago

Portables are in trouble period

charmer2574d ago

no..the psvita will just reclaim psp owners and even then not all of them...with right pricing and games...i expect 3ds to take way sony announce an 80 dollar price cut for the holidays

agentxk2574d ago

As a 3DS owner, I still want to see a game I feel is worth buying. I haven't gotten one yet. I have issues getting into games I have beat time and time again.

Halfazedninja2574d ago

Sony won't need to though if they just pump out PS 3 quality games. The best selling game on the 3DS now is Ocarina of Time, a game that's 13 years old! Yeah there are some tweaks to it but still.

Some people want new experiences in their games, not remakes or rehashes.

blitz0x2574d ago

Agreed. It would be nice to see a bit more originality without being gimmicky

LOGICWINS2574d ago

"Some people want new experiences in their games, not remakes or rehashes."

It's funny how you correlate Vita with "new experiences" when its most popular game at the moment is a spinoff of a 5 year old PS3 franchise(Uncharted).

Halfazedninja2574d ago

When I talk about new experiences not "remakes or rehashes" I'm talking about Nintendo's core titles. Like I said, Zelda is the number one selling game on the console right now butt it's forever old.

Yes, the Uncharted series is 5 years old but has it ever been done in a handheld setting? If they ever tried to do it in that setting it wouldn't have worked because the technology just wasn't there. The fact that you can now have practically the same experience while you're 'on the go" is a really big accomplishment.

miyamoto2574d ago

don't bother with i-logic's comments as he has been touching his 40 " LCD monitor's front screen & back, swinging it back n forth, side to side'pressing its L n R buttons on top, playing Uncharted for five years now.

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Xeserox2574d ago

The $80 price cut Nintendo did to the 3DS is the same thing they did with the Wii before the PS3 launched. They want to get headlines, and sales.

Use the journalists to help sell the product.

MasterCornholio2574d ago

Of course the PS vita will eat away at Nintendos market. It will consume a higher percentage this time around. But Nintendo will sell more 3DSs due to the fanbase and the franchises. But they will both be a sucess.

blitz0x2574d ago

Hmm. It's really difficult to call the 3ds a real "success"

fatstarr2574d ago

i think sony will claim 1/2 the psp audience with vita and nintendo will claim 1/3rd of the ds audience with the 3ds.

this gen of handheld wont be successful in comparison to their older brothers... the people that will expect those sales are in delusion.

vita will be a success compared to the psp
but not compared to the ds. nintendo will still own the handheld market no matter what sony does.

matey2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

The ds phat did worse look at the ds family the 3ds will do even better when people are playing WRC and F12011 and Fifa2012 aswell as mariokart7 and stuff like that it will really take off plus there will be a 3DS lite or 3DS nitro or something that makes the screens bigger in the same size unit but slimmer i think and it will be where they make there profit along with games obviously

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