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CheatCC - From the minds that brought us Doom and Quake, id Software's new game takes their trademark frenetic first-person gunplay to a post-apocalyptic wasteland complete with mutants, bladed boomerangs, and tons of guns. Having been the developer that made the first-person shooter popular in the first place with series like Wolfenstein and the aforementioned Doom and Quake, id Software has proven adept at breaking ground in this particular genre. I was lucky enough to get my anxious hands on this highly anticipated game's single-player offering. So how is it shaping up? Let's dig in and find out.

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cooperdnizzle2573d ago

Going to be an amazing game. I just want them to show a cut scene of the game so i can get idea of how they are going to be

Redgehammer2573d ago

Man, i can't be any more excited, for RAGE, than I am today. As far as FPS's go, it is my most anticipated one of 2011. I like reading a preview when the previewer is pumped, and can't wait to get back in the action.