GamingMill video review - Legacy of Kain: Defiance

GamingMill takes a rather unorthodox look at the cult classic, Legacy of Kain: Defiance. Is this a series worth reviving?

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Rushing_Punch2608d ago

This is a hell of an old game, always was a good one

Pozzle2608d ago

The reviewers kinda annoying, but it was nice seeing the game again. Good memories. :)

BootHammer2608d ago

Great game! We need a remake somewhere down the road ;)

Bathyj2607d ago

Meh, give me a Legacy of Kain:Blood Omen reboot. Hail Victor.

Buuhan12607d ago

This was the glitchest game I have ever played.

Pozzle2607d ago

I didn't have any problems with LoK: Defiance, but LoK: Blood Omen 2 was one of the glitchiest games I've ever played. Granted, it was also the worst game in the series by a longshot, so I wasn't too invested in finishing it anyway. :O

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