PS Vita detailed specs and software lineup to be revealed during TGS keynote

XMNR: No sooner did we conjecture that the Playstation Vita official release date, specs and launch line-up of games would likely be revealed at the Tokyo Game Show than the CESA announces the speakers for the show's keynote that includes Sony executives talking about the company's upcoming handheld.

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NukaCola2546d ago

I am pretty sure they are keeping most of the tech specs in it. I heard a couple things changed, but I hear the GPU/CPU will be mind blowing. Personally, my biggest hope is they say "Vita launches Christmas!"

Rrobba2546d ago

Agreed. I would love to be able to get the Vita this year.

Also, I can't wait to find out what blockbusters Sony has set for launch! Uncharted, Killzone and/or Resistance, hopefully!

NukaCola2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Yeah Uncharted is really mind blowing, plus the Vita features rock. One of the goodies in the game that really blew me away was the sixaxix camera used to take photos ingame. Plus all the puzzles that will use the Vita. That is what I want. My very first DS tech game was Trace Memory, and my favorite thing about that is that it used the DS's features in every way in it's puzzles. So amazing. I see Uncharted using the Vita in so many silly ways to solve puzzles. Simple rub charcoal paper is one, but there could be something crazy like searching through the house using augmented reality, through the camera for a lost key or something. Or tilting the controller to use a sifter to sift through dirt for an artifact, or even something crazy like the GPS knowing your location and then actually having you walk to a near by location to find a code on the ground using the augmented reality. Look thorugh the cam and the game presents a code at a specific spot a mile away. That would be unless it has you walk into a river..haha. But the possibilities are endless. I am excited to see what devs do. They really could do a good Heavy Rain-style game. That would totally be badass.

SIDE QUESTION: I wonder if they can do augmented reality where you can play a mini robot in realtime space with a portal gun. Like the camera places objects around and you use portals in your house to get a 3inch robot from the floor to the couch, just a funny idea,

superadvanced2546d ago

clock speeds and ram. must reveal clockspeedsand ram

longcat2546d ago

"Sony execs" need to be put to better use.....Like assembling my damn vita - just e-mail specs


DaTruth2546d ago

Gig of ram, gig of ram, gig of ram, gig of ram, gig of ram, gig of ram, gig of ram, gig of ram, gig of ram, gig of ram, gig of ram, gig of ram, gig of ram, gig of ram, gig of ram!!!!!!!

Gig of ram please!

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Misterhbk2546d ago

I'm still hoping for a Gamescom announcement on the release date. I can wait til TGS for the rest.

hamoor2546d ago

There is a big chance that ps vita rival 360/ps3.
Sure it specs may not be as powerful, but you gotta remember that the vita got a much lower res (it is more than enough for a small screen) than ps3/360 games

fatstarr2546d ago

even though im one to hate on sony and vita i think you are 100% correct. i dont know why you have disagrees

less screen space = a + for providing great graphics
thats why resident evil on the 3ds looks so good and why vita is able to look like ps3.

im pretty sure what ever tech is in the vita is more powerful than the 360.
if the 3ds is almost on par with the wii then the vita is def. above the 360

hell some phones and tablets can show better graphics than the 360 can because again technology today > technology of yesterday

if a Pentium 4 were made in 2011 will run circles around a Pentium 4 from 2005 even if they are at the same clock speeds. sure on paper it looks under powered but in todays world the proof is in the results.

mcstorm2546d ago

I do agree with you on this one. The psv games what we have seen so far look amazing but nothing has made me say i want that game for some reason. Ive fliped this time round. Last time i was a big fan of the psp over ds but this time im going more toward the 3ds and after getting one im hocked.

I think the psv graphics will look amazing and some games on par with the 360 and ps3. I dont think anyone who gets one will be let down by it too. Im also sure after nintendo dropping the price of the 3ds this may let sony drop the release price a little too.

MasterCornholio2546d ago

And then Kaz spoke and behold the ram is revealed.

God i hope so because not knowing is killing me. Also knowing a little bit more about the GPU would be nice as well. And finally the release date which i am pretty sure they will announce it at TGS.

CynicalVision2546d ago

'Some developers have claimed that the handheld's memory has been in cut in half as a cost-cutting measure while others say that it has ten times the memory of the PSP.'

There's no reason why both of those statements cannot be true. It all depends on how much memory the Vita initially had, but 10 times more than the PSP is not impossible to imagine.

Da One2546d ago

yup PSP = 64MB Vita = 640MB....doubt it. It'd be more like 512 or 768

kharma452546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Considering the PSP only had 32MB of RAM lol

There was of course 64MB for the 2000/3000/Go but that was only used to speed up load times, devs had to work within the 32MB constraints of the original model.

Da One2546d ago

you know what i was thinking that the original RAM size was 64MB and the expanded ram in the 2000/3000 models were 128

I don't why

f7897902545d ago

32MB x 10 = 320MB

Sounds about right. With this being a portable console, that is a large amount of RAM to have. More would be nice but unnecessary and I think Sony knows that.

JEW_UNIT2546d ago

Damn...I need to find a job ASAP. Can't wait for TGS :). Hopefully there will be some news of KH III as well.

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