Vivid Gamer First Impressions: Rusty Hearts

Rusty Hearts is in its very early stages of beta testing and I went into this game not expecting to have much fun, but I could not tear myself away from it. Rusty Hearts can't be compared to any other kind of MMO, not WoW, not Rift, not Everquest, because it is so unique.

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theherp802543d ago

I might have to give this game a shot, now i have to find a beta code...

I like dungeon crawlers for some reason and if they give you a score at the end of them, that just gives me another reason to play the level over and over again lol

Jamesmanguyperson2542d ago

the "carrot on a stick" trap is what scares me the most about MMORPGs..

paybackprahl2542d ago

Sounds really interesting! I hope I get a chance to try it soon.

r212542d ago

i'd have to describe as similar to Dragonica except your character isnt limited to just going left and right. pretty fun button masher action MMO IMO.

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