Just Dance 3 Trailer Showcasing Just Create Mode for Kinect

Ubisoft debuts its break-through new feature “Just Create” for Just Dance 3 through an all-new trailer. The “Just Create” mode allows players to create and record their own dance choreography via the Kinect where they can save it on their Xbox 360 to challenge their friends in their living room and even share online with their social network. In addition, for the first time on Kinect, the new “Four Player Mode” lets four players dance simultaneously with ‘jump in/jump out’ multiplayer.

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kenmid2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

I hate to admit this, but this game will be huge, it will sell a lot of units.

Cpt_kitten2541d ago

eh Dance Central 2 for me please

why do they have to use the most annoying and inappropriate song for the trailer? thought this was a kids dancing game

Snowii2541d ago

this game will get boring at about 3 days

also the super gay kitschy commercial made me hate this game

"play with your friend and family!"

i hate those commercials because in the end no one will come to your house to dance like fags together

Army_of_Darkness2541d ago

SO funny amd so true bro! LOL!

TBM2541d ago

if it wasnt for CoD i would say shovelware has ruled this gen lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.