10 Most Graphically Insane Games Yet To Come For 2011

NowGamer take a look at the very best looking games that are yet to be released in 2011...

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ATi_Elite2570d ago

Pretty good list but Battlefield 3 is two generations beyond that entire list and has no competition until until Metro LL, STALKER2, and Arma III

Nitrowolf22570d ago

2 generation beyond? No, i wouldn't even say it's a full 1 generation. I mean the graphics are amazing, but i'll be honest it isn't some huge mega leap that destroys everything and nothing comes close. I guess from a technical standpoint it's great, but you can make all PC games run at high resolution and FPS. It'll look great, but next generation of console are bound to be on par and over.

ATi_Elite2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

Crysis is one generation ahead of every game on that Dam list except BF3
and BF3 is one generation ahead of Crysis

Now i'm sure you can count so that is two generations.

When you couple the fact that BF3 has those graphics with those Physics while most games struggle to do one thing right......that's two generations my friend.

Generation 1. Photorealism
Generation 2. Destruction/Physics
Generation 3. Ray Tracing

Dwalls11712570d ago

Uncharted is the beast of 2011...bf3 graphics arent anything special umm hello KILLZONE anyone lol

LOGICWINS2570d ago

BF3 graphics aren't anything special?

Eh..ur being sarcastic right?

Dwalls11712570d ago

No.....killzone 2 and 3 destroys bf in the graphics department..the world knows that

Ducky2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

He's comparing the console version of the two games.
In that regard, he might not be wrong.

Pandamobile2570d ago

Then he should probably explicitly say that lol

nolifeking2570d ago

When Killzone introduces destructible environments, it may get a passing head nod from me. It is the envy of other console games though.

Nitrowolf22570d ago

I think it's console vs console he means. Not PC. No Way does it

qwertyz2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )


whatever helps you sleep at night, the ps3 BF3 footage shown does look better than killzone 2 and 3 but only problem is ITS NOT A PS# EXCLUSIVE and because of that it cannot possibly look good. same with crysis 2 on consoles most reviewers say its the best looking game on consoles but because its not a ps3 exclusive you fanboys deny it and say that Microsoft payed them all or all the reviewers are servants of the devil or possessed by evil spirits lol.

then you use the incompetent lens of truth to defend your argument when they where the ones that said the 360 version of mass effect 2 looked better than the ps3 mass effect 2 demo which was a lie because the ps3 version looked better than the 360 version in EVERY WAY. bioware even said that the ps3 demo was running of Mass effect 3s engine. eurogamer is superior to lens of truth in every way at least those ones know what they are talking about and get into technical details.

ps3 exclusives are nothing special in the graphics department even crysis 1 at MEDIUM settings(not even high, highest or with mods) with 8xAA and 16XAF @1080p blows your best looking console games( gears 3, uncharted,crysis 2 ps3/360) out of the water and it could run at those settings on 2006 pc hardware and get well over 40fps what does that tell you ? crysis 1 maxed out(which isn't even the best looking console game) or even farcry 1(that doesn't even look anywhere near as good as crysis 1) makes your ps3 exclusives look like ps2 games :,( you consolites are pathetic If you want to witness true graphics dont watch compressed youtube videos and play on your outdated machines man up and build a pc

the following pc games make your console games look last gen

1)crysis 1 maxed out
2)crysis warhead
3)farcry 2 maxed out
4)crysis 1 with mods
5)GTA 4 with mods
6)crysis 2(even without directx 11 patch)
7)bad company 2 maxed out
8)metro 2033(this one maxed out makes killzone 2/3 look WORSE than ps2 games)
9)witcher 2
10) napoleon total war
11) shogun 2: total war

even bulletstorm pc looks significantly better than anything on consoles. majority of multiplats that make it to pc beat your console exclusives into the ground so you shouldn't be talking about graphics if you only play on ps3

you think your ps3 can do this ?

lol they look much better in real life than those compresed videos but I'm sure you get the idea.

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