Leaked Minecraft 'Enderman' footage is the creepiest thing you'll see all day

SystemLink: "Dr. Who fans might liken them to Stone Angels. Cat lovers might liken them to Ninja Cat. To Minecraft users, the 'Endermen' mob being added to version 1.8 are about the creepiest things you can imagine."

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Cablephish2487d ago

Now that's got me scared. Like everyone else on Youtube, I'm gonna start playing on Peaceful.

evrfighter2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

id like to hear a demonic scream when he finally catches up to you. would make it perfect.

or as he gets closer the whispering sounds more twisted and distorted.

gonna be pretty scary when you're mining underground and you hit an unlit cave only to find a pair of floating eyes staring at you

Cablephish2487d ago

I was thinking how when you look directly at them, sayy while they're lifting blocks and stuff, they slowly turn around to look at you, as you hear a sound like a screeching door being opened. >:D

THAT would be perfect.

mt2487d ago

to be honest i don't find it scary at all.

Grip2487d ago

"For those that don't now who "SlenderMan" is, it's large figure of a man in a black suit that has tanticles, and has no face. Always seen only out of the quarter of an eye, that haunts children no matter the age, later haunting them for life, until driven insane by fear, paranoia etc, and is seen at edges of forests and foggy streets. Also seen when children get kidnapped. Only children can see him."
a reply from youtube... is that a real thing???

NovusTerminus2487d ago

Is this a DR. Who reference?

OhMyGandhi2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

damn that is scary.
I love it when games do that.
It reminds me of the "Mannequins in the mall" part from "Condemned".

Hazmat132487d ago

OMFG or the stairs in condemned 2! need to play the first one played 2 on PS3.

Gigglefist2487d ago

Exactly what I was thinking

OhMyGandhi2487d ago

I had to post the video.

coolasj2487d ago

It's the worse kind fear. The one where you know it's coming to get you. One more thing though, how does footage leak from a studio that's like less than 10 people small?

r212487d ago

dont stop staring....

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