Big Brother Is Watching You: Diablo 3 Just Got Lamer

Pixels or Death's Adam Harshberger dishes on some information regarding some new "features" of Diablo III announced by Blizzard, that reeks suspiciously of some heavy-handed DRM measurements:

"Anyway, Blizzard hath decreed that:

Thou Shalt Always Be Online – and they decided to wrap that up as an “anti-cheating” measure. Fuck off, Blizzard. It’s always-on DRM, and we know it.

Thou Shalt Not Mod – since always-on DRM isn’t alienating enough to PC gaming crowd, right!?

There Shalt Be RMT – Just in case anyone was still harboring positive emotions towards the game."

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Lirky2455d ago

So i assume blizzard will enable the 90 day of inactivity for an account then you have to make a new one. And if you dont play a new character within 30 days it shall be deleted.

I've always disliked when developers add stupid rules like that of d2 lod , in D3 if this follows i wont be missing out on that game lol.

Spinal2455d ago

Fuck off with your Diablo hate.

We dont need your kind playin. Stick to your lonely offline life.

BlmThug2455d ago

You fanboys just bend over and take it

JohnnyMann4202455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

Hey Author, don't effing buy it. I for one welcome this in DIII for anti cheat measures alone, especially since now I can sell items directly.

For the most part I really hate online DRM (I am looking at you UBISoft)

Since DIII has real functional reasons behind it, I understand it and think it's fine.

Obviously the Author doesnt remmeber how effed D2 was as far as cheaters, dupers, etc is concerned.

danielle0072455d ago

The features are real, and I suppose they would have to be functional to be included. However, they are wholly unnecessary to playing the actual game. If all of these features were turned off, I would be fine playing the game on my own, and I should be allowed to, imo.

JohnnyMann4202455d ago

Don't worry then because there will be a cracked version out there just for folks like yourself.

SuperSaiyan42455d ago

On so Blizzard have said that if you make a character for single player or online and you dont play it for 30 days it gets deleted??

What if I spent soo many hours getting all the best gear etc and didn't play it for a month because of say other games or something serious happened god forbid they are just gonna delete my character/s???!

DirtyLary2455d ago

D3 is dead to me. The devs already shit on the PVP aspect of the game.


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