Metro will look pretty on any console

In an interview with AusGamers, THQ's Huw Beynon has said that Metro: Last Light's performance will be "at parity" on each platform; consoles and old PC's alike.

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jony_dols2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

Didn't THQ not scrap Metro 2033 on the PS3 at the last sec because the devs were having difficulty programing on it...

I hope the new game fares better on the PS3 than the first did.

CernaML2574d ago

I believe they stated it was simply a "business decision." I read that the engine was built on the Playstation 3.

"I hope the new game fares better on the PS3 than the first did."

That makes no sense considering the game never came out for the PS3. lol

jony_dols2574d ago

THQ are publishers who aim to release their games on as many platforms as possible to maximise profits and please investors. It was obviously technical issues with Metro's 4A graphics engine on the PS3 that caused them to pull it in it's final stage of development. Why else would a company make a 'business' decision to cancel a game on a platform with a 50+ million install base?

Instead of releasing the PS3 version of Metro 2033 several months after it's initial release, the attention was probably shifted to the sequel, in order to release Last Light simultaneously on all platforms.

Metro 2033 was in development on the platform for 2 years, and it was cancelled. The game does exist, but it just never got to retail.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32574d ago

No, it's obvious you haven't done enough research on the topic.

CernaML2574d ago

Obvious technical issues?

All you're doing is speculating... unless you can back up your words with citations like I will be able to?

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32574d ago

"Obvious technical issues?

All you're doing is speculating... unless you can back up your words with citations like I will be able to?"

You go first...

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Cpt_kitten2574d ago

Metro, nuff said day one buy

InNomeDiDio2574d ago

Metro 2033 on 360 looks pretty good too. By far not as good as the Pc Version, but I think Last Light will look even better on 360 and PS3.

mastiffchild2574d ago

Yeah, the game was stunning(if patchy) on PC and we didn't QUITE get the 360 version we'd been hoping for, or I didn't anyway but the game just fell short of being all things to all men whatever you played it on despite some amazing features, tense moments and clever design.

In fact my biggest issue was that, sometimes, the freedom on offer left it too easy to just take a pretty heap and easy way out-legging it! Maybe it's just that the watch lights telling you if you'd been detected weren't ver reliable or the stealth option would have been more rewarding but I often found myself seen(and Lord knows how!)and running as fast as poss to level's end and all too often that pattern proved successful but meant I didn't get the same oput of the game I COULD have. Had it been rife with alternate endings, and I thin a lot got lost in translation story wise, then other plays through might have been the answer but top replay a story that linear when I knew a way out of many, if not most tight spots, didn't appeal.

Whatever, the potential is still there and the first games was good but not the great game we'd hoped for-not quite even a cult classic, but if they keep the best bits and sharpen up the stealth while making running a less successful option I think it could still be one of the best games around.

Hoping the PC version nails it all the way through and that the gap to consoles isn't TOO big as it's a series that deserves it's shot at as many gamers as possible and if refined could still be the mind blower i'd hoped for.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

The only problem with the 360 version was a couple cars outside that had blurry textures, that's it.

jacksheen00002574d ago

Of course Metro looks great on any console...Lighting is the main reason for the beautiful environments.Nuff said!

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