Skype for 360 coming soon? - "I typically am not one to throw out a rumor but this seems pretty concrete. Check out this pick I just took of the XBL Rewards Program Survey…Notice the highlighted choice."

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ShadyDevil2575d ago

They already have MSN, Twitter, Facebook. Skype is the next logical thing.

fluffydelusions2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Yeah I'd say skype is a given especially considering they now own it. I'm more interested in YouTube and that TV service though personally. If that TV service doesn't require an existing provider I'll be all over it.

B1663r2575d ago

I dunno, between, zune, hulu and netflix, a tv service will be extraneous...

gamingdroid2575d ago

Yes, because you can have too many options! :D

gamingdroid2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

"Too Many Choices: A Problem That Can Paralyze."

I don't get paralyzed by too many options. :D

but yes, I expected someone to post something like that.

IAmCornHolio2575d ago

Well to my own surprise I did end up buying Hulu in addition to Netflix for use on my 360... But I really have to say, should there be a live tv service... meh... I recently canceled my cable video service because I wasn't using it anymore.

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Hockeydud192575d ago

and how much you wanna bet it's gnna be some premium service that you have to pay for.

hamoor2575d ago

It makes sense since microsoft acquired skype.

Reborn2575d ago

Exactly what I was going to post.

They acquired it, and I'm sure one of the thoughts was implementing it into Xbox.

InNomeDiDio2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

I want a good-working Browser. That would make my 360 immortal.

@hamoor: Yes, that's true. I really hope they'll bring a Browser. There is a major Update coming this year on 360. Browser would be so cool.

@fluffy: The PS3-Browser is good and effectual. I would definitively use it.

hamoor2575d ago

I wonder why they don't include their own browser (IE9) on the xbox.

in these days, even watches got internet browsers.

gamingdroid2575d ago

The impression I get is that MS wants to control your experience on the console with their own UI (for good or bad).

I would like to see a Kinect enabled browser myself, but the experience is likely to be so hobbled on consoles that I will stick with my PC or smartphone.

younglj012575d ago

dude what is tha name of that watch and I'm 100% serious....

fluffydelusions2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

As long as it's decent I wouldn't mind. I never use the PS3 one because I don't find it to be very good IMO. I'd be more interested in some sort of app market. Surprised Sony or MS haven't done this yet. It works well enough for smart phones. Would be awesome to have on a home console.

Jocosta2575d ago

I sometimes browse with the Ps3, but after awhile it gives the error "out of memory", and I have to close the browser. Clearing the cache and everything helps but only for so long.And pardon my ignorance, but how is Skype so different from two people talking via the 360 Kinect or webcam?

hamoor2575d ago

You can talk with people who got skype account.
And not only those with the 360/kinect

ilikegam3s2575d ago

Imo xbox doesn't need a browser. BUT it would be nice to have it, for those people that would use one.
Even though I wouldn't use it.

SuperSaiyan42575d ago

I just did the August survery and it puts Skype on 360 as an option yet there is no skype on 360...Well not yet so you obviously cannot say that you enjoy using skype on your 360 lol.

Also there is no browser because since Microsoft will only use Internet Explorer it still gets hacked and broken into and the last thing Microsot want to include is an internet browser they themselves know is not that safe, well thats my only theory on that.

IAmCornHolio2575d ago

Hmmm, not an objective opinion on this anywhere, but ie10, right now, is easily the nicest web browser. Especially when it comes to plugins and plugin security.

Also it is not 2001 anymore, and drive by hacks simply don't happen that much anymore, and do not occur on one browser more than others when they do occur.

The 360 doesn't have a browser because it doesn't need one and the browser on the ps3 and wii both suck bags of dicks, so it is not like there is any competition...

HuGi2575d ago

So we can invite both people on Xbox Live and people using Skype... Would be awesome.

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