NGB: “I’d love to do” New Destruction Derby Says Reflections Founder

During our recent trip to Ubisoft Reflections to see how Driver San Francisco was shaping up, we were lucky enough to have nice little chat with the founder of the studio, Martin Edmondson.

Amongst the Driver San Francisco related questions, he was asked about titles he had worked on in the past when the studio was known as Reflections Interactive. One such title was the hugely popular Destruction Derby, which was originally released on the PlayStation back in 1995.

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St02544d ago

Ubisoft bought Reflections? I thought Sony did

IRetrouk2544d ago

sony did, they own the rights to dd, would be amazing to see a new dd, i would get the burnout fellas to to it, they have the best engine for destructable cars so far this gen i think.