NGB: Driver San Francisco Single Player Preview

After a short hiatus, John Tanner makes a triumphant return in Driver San Francisco. His arch nemesis, Charles Jericho also makes a comeback. Both men survived the shootout at the end of Driver 3, and this latest entry in the series is set some six months after that particular event.

Tanner eventually catches Jericho in San Francisco, sending him behind bars in the process. Driver San Francisco begins shortly after this, and Jericho is being transported in the back of a prison truck. Things don’t go smoothly though, as Jericho manages to unshackle himself, overpower the guards and hijack the truck. Tanner and his trusty partner (Tobias Jones) witness this and pursue Jericho through the streets of San Francisco. The epic chase ends with Tanner colliding with a massive trailer, resulting in him ending up in a coma. That is where Driver San Francisco really begins, and the main mechanic of the game is introduced.

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