Probably The Funniest Oblivion Machinima Ever Made

We all know the devs at Bethesda are hard at work making the new Elder Scroll: Skyrim title a mind-blowing experience, while we patiently wait to for the release date, take a look at this incredibly funny Oblivion Machinima. You-tuber and avid Oblivion fan theninjacowboy, created a hilarious Oblivion video fans will appreciate.

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Deadpool6162484d ago

Geez...whazza...huh? 0_0

I think I loved every millisecond of that. o_o

hazelamy2484d ago

i think that broke my brain.

lets try counting to ten.
1, 2, 5, cucumber, 9, monkey, monkey, tree, the speed of light, 10.

hmm, seems fine to me. (^_^)

r212484d ago

funniest machinama EVAR!!!

Kal8532484d ago

Every one of those scenes is something I would love to do. Blew my mind.