Help Bethesda create a Skyrim character

SystemLink: "Bethesda today announced a series of polls on their Facebook which the Skyrim fans around the world can use to create their own character. In an attempt to 'give you guys a chance to see what another character race looks like', Bethesda have put all the power in your hands."

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Drazz2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Sounds like someone was "inspired" by Bioware's pick a femshep marketing campaign.

Marcus Fenix2606d ago

I want my character 2 look exactly like the 1 they show in the trailers, he looks badass

Dovahkiin2606d ago

Sounds cool, however the fact that a Facebook account is needed?

C'mon now.

Jacks_Medulla2606d ago

Dovahkiin, I can't wait to play as you in Skyrim!

Dovahkiin2606d ago

Neither can I friend, neither can I.

vickers5002605d ago

This may be a tiny bit off topic, but do we get to choose what race we are going to play in Skyrim or do we have to play as the guy in the trailer/in your avatar?

I want to be able to customize my character to be any race I choose (argonian, human, or whatever), not be restricted to simply being the guy I see in the trailer.

Jacks_Medulla2605d ago

@ Vickers500
You will be able to customize your characters facial features and race. Dovahkiin translates to dragon-born; the character you will be playing as(no matter race) is dragon-born, therefore you are referred to as Dovahkiin.

vickers5002604d ago


Whew, thanks. Was a bit worried there for a little bit. I thought that your character should be able to be dragon born no matter the race, but I wasn't sure whether that applied exclusively to humans or not. Thanks for clearing that up.


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BankaiSage2606d ago

can someone link me to the poll, I click the link and it just puts me on my facebook main news feed...

BankaiSage2606d ago

oh yeah, vote argonian!!!!!