TGH: Out This Week: 7/31-8/6

TGH Writes: This week looks to be another bleak week in the summer drought of gaming. There is only one primary release this week with the NIS America published Bleach: Soul Resurreccion. The next few weeks are going to be bleak in lead up to the major August releases.

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ShadyDevil2546d ago

Bleach looks like a great game for the fans. End of this month games will surly pick up :)

kenpachi2546d ago

what's the EU release date for Bleach or are we getting it at all

Rob9462546d ago

I'm sure Bleach is releasing in Europe sometime in September. Not sure of the exact date though

Dlacy13g2546d ago

Lord it is SLOW... Well atleast the Wii gets some kind of love this week. What is that like 1 new game in the last 3 weeks? You can just feel the support for the Wii just withering away.