TGH: Resistance 3 Beta Install Amount & 1.01 Patch Info

TGH Writes: Those lucky enough to get their hands on the Resistance 3 Beta early before it goes semi-public to those who have the code packaged with SOCOM 4 will have to free a little amount of space up on the HDD if they want to get in on game and taste what Resistance 3 has to offer.

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ShadyDevil2394d ago

Thats one big patch, but not as huge as something like DCUO though. Then again, that is an MMO. This might be a HUGE beta.

Rob9462394d ago

Yeah the only other games I can think of with big downloads besides DCUO are Mag and Socom.

trollkill2394d ago

Patch downloaded fast for me. Good game with addictive online.

SAE2394d ago

i can't play any match :( , i always get error even on private ..

Miiikeyyy2394d ago

I'm so jelly of the people who get to play this Beta :(

MidnytRain2394d ago

I've been playing for weeks. ;)

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