New ArmA III Screens Already Make Battlefield 3 Look Dated

RipTen - Yeah, I said it. There’s a damn good reason we gave ArmA III best PC game and best sim at this year’s E3 expo. It looks downright ridiculous.

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CrzyFooL2544d ago

Draw distance, you can has.

hamoor2544d ago

"make battlefield 3 looks dated"

Guess which game of the two is being held back because of consoles?
*flame shield*

Kalowest2544d ago

LOL *flame shield*
Since someone is going to try and TORCH you anyway, why not just "FLAME ON"

frostypants2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Odds are your current PC would be holding this back, too.

Urrakia342544d ago

If you are implying Battlefield 3, then you are incorrect. DICE is developing it specifically for PC first then giving consoles a lesser version, which still looks to be a great experience.

JsonHenry2544d ago

Yeah, this game is probably gonna be like the last ARMA. Beautiful. But you had to wait till the NEXT gen PC video cards came out before you could max it.

Elwenil2544d ago

How are the new ARMA games doing anyway? I know when I played the first one it was beautiful for the time but was buggy as hell at first. I think I remember hearing the second one was pretty much the same. Not knocking ARMA or BF3 but these two games have different priorities. ARMA has always been a simulation of combat while Battlefield has been more of an action game. I loved both ARMA and BF2 but played them each for different reasons.

Skip_Bayless2544d ago

AHA! they act like most gamers know what Arma III is. I never heard of such thing. Just shows how well this game is doing.

And the footage still looks like a game. Until it looks like real life or close to it it's not really making anything else look outdated.

badz1492544d ago

yeah, nice try! dated is a strong word especially if being used against BF3 which, isn't coming out yet!

OpenGL2544d ago

By the look of the first screen shot this I would assume Arma 3 as that shadow on top of the APC is pretty rough.

Overall the graphics look good in all of the screenshots but I don't think this will blow away Battlefield 3 (at least on the PC).

Perjoss2544d ago

Between BF3 and ARMA3... one will be highly polished and a joy to play, the other will be a buggy mess with many game breaking glitches (as usual). I know which one I'm going with.

Solid_Snake-2543d ago

i like your thinking.

great time for PC gaming, getting both of these gems.

also comparing the two is like chalk and cheese. anyone who has played arma will understand.

Pixel_Pusher2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

: / don't think so.

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tepkisiz2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

WOW! Even the thought that you can be playing as a grunt on the ground while another flies cluelessly in that F 35 is mind-boggling. Finally a good reason for upgrading my PC!

frostypants2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

I'll believe it when I see it. This was actually the vision Spectrum Holobyte had when they first released Falcon 3.0 20 years was supposed to be part of the "Electronic Battlefield Series", which would ultimately consist of land combat as well, and all of it could be networked together (this was before internet gaming). Sadly it never got beyond a few flight sims.

So far the closest thing has been Battlefield, but obviously they had to make the planes real slow and operate on tiny maps to make it happen (not to mention water down the flight model all to hell).

If they can pull it off with a realistic flight model, and on top of that make the ground combat not be a boring chore like in previous Arma games, I'm on board.

Bolts2544d ago

LOL Falcon 3. You sir, are old. But yeah with games like ARMA the electronic battlefield has been realized.

Hufandpuf2544d ago

Um, you can also fly jets in bf3

Ace_Pheonix2544d ago

Yeah, that sounds cool. Warhawk is pretty cool too. I remember this one time I was flying this Warhawk, and a guy running around on the other side of the map had no idea I was flying in it and then I clustered him to death. But then that was years ago, so maybe I'm remembering it wrong.

lMHl2544d ago

WOW! I cant Believe its not butter!

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andibandit2543d ago

I dont see anything in those screenshots that i havent already seen in games like uncharted, maybe the draw distance in those pictures is a little better, but that is all.

Batmau52544d ago

Looks absolutely real.. That kind of scares me in a way.

hamoor2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

life graphics are overrated!
Draw distance and resolution is limited and depending on your eyes sight.
Too much blur from moving objects.

BlmThug2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Then dont play life. Infact why dont you leave life since its so overrated Idiots like you give gamers a bad name

lMHl2544d ago

WOOOO! I Love world of warcraft too lets be friends!