GameFront: 4 Hours Of Hands On With Diablo 3

GameFront, "Man oh man, has there ever been a serious epidemic of old time game franchises revived for modern consumption. Sadly, it’s been a mixed bag. Yeah, Mortal Kombat ruled. But Dungeon Siege 3 was basically a waste of time and don’t get me started on the HD remakes. It shouldn’t therefore be a surprise that Blizzard’s decision to bring back the Diablo series didn’t light a fire in my brain. Was Diablo awesome? Yes. When my dial up was enough to play. What about Diablo 2? Hell yes. When the Sopranos was still good."

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lMHl2611d ago

I wish it was like world of warcraft that game was sweet when i was young I hit 60 and stoped playing it go boring but was fun for a a month or 6

Spinal2611d ago

Good read. I certainly look forward to gettin my hands on this game.