Step aside, humans: The allure of the all-powerful character (Bitmob)

Characters with superhuman abilities dominate video games. Truly ordinary human beings rarely turn up. Is that a good thing?

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NagaSotuva2392d ago

Harry Mason from Silent Hill is still one of my favorite video-game characters, and his only power was breaking steel pipes.

InNomeDiDio2392d ago

They should make a God of War Movie in amazing 3D. Kratos is simply stunning.

tarbis2392d ago

Aye, 300 like quality would look badass. Clash of the Titans had potential but they ruined it. >_<

NukaCola2392d ago

Fun topic, but I am going to give it up to Abe from Oddworld, so weak and slap-happy, but a little chanting and some blind faith makes him so powerful. Love that little schmuck!

user83971442392d ago

Kratos is the best followed by Dante from DMC.

Deadman_Senji2392d ago

Dante was the original, why would Kratos outrank him?

tarbis2392d ago

Because he kill gods even before breakfast?

Dwalls11712392d ago

Kratos is the best super powered character...who can beat the god of war

Miiikeyyy2392d ago

What sad is, there's some war about who would win - Masterchief or Kratos. Clearly, the GOD OF WAR would win.

Deadman_Senji2392d ago

lots of people from other franchises.

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