IGN: MotorStorm Downloadable Pack #2 Hands-on, Video and Screens

The main draw here is the new track, Devil's Crossing. Though there are plenty of wide-open areas that give you plenty of driving space, this may perhaps be the most chaotic course yet. As is the case with every other track in the game, there are multiple routes you can take, some geared at light vehicles and some at the heavier rides. While the routes may split you up, numerous times in the course you're thrust back together over bridges that intersect like a cross.

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wolfehound224058d ago

Nice one of the best arcade racers out there can't wait for this new pack

kiikoooo4058d ago

i bought the last one because i thought this one would get split screen. but im not buying this one. its a great racing game though :)

thereapersson4058d ago

I don't really care about split screen right now, I just want to play new tracks! It's great the initial complaints about the game lacking tracks is being remedied.

carl ps34058d ago

4player split screen whould be great!!! just need 3 mates tho!!!!!;-D

R2-JD4058d ago

Definate purchase for me!