Gamania Announces Musical MMO Tiara Concerto

Gamania Digital Entertainment today is proud to announce a new musical adventure in the skies, its upcoming Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game, Tiara Concerto. Information on the game’s storyline and world has been revealed, giving players a sneak peek at the mysterious musical instruments used to ward off enemies and unlock new dimensions.

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Pozzle2572d ago

Where are her nipples?

Neckbear2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

In an uncharted land beyond human reach.

ATi_Elite2572d ago

Yeh i clicked for the picture.....I'm not ashamed!!

@ Pozzle
Picture must be using MLAA and they got blurred out!!

ftwrthtx2572d ago

It's almost like someone deliberately used an enticing image to get more hits.

tiffac2571d ago

Oh I like the visuals. I'm a suxer for colorful backgrounds. lol!