Mass Effect 3: Will Shepard Live Or Die?

NowGamer: Executive Producer Casey Hudson knows what Commander Shepard's fate holds beyond Mass Effect 3.

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Nate-Dog2605d ago

Well Bioware confirmed that there'll be multiple endings right? So I'm assuming there will be some where Shepard may live and some where Shepard may die (i.e. I don't think Shepard's ending will be the same no matter which ending you get, unless by multiple endings they only mean 2 or 3 endings that is). Although if you're talking about what ending (and therefore decisions too) will be considered canon then that makes a bit more sense. I don't really see them continuing on Shepard's story after ME3. Chances are it'll be a spin-off of a character we know, or a sequel a bit further in the future with a new character maybe, or perhaps even a prequel of some sort, maybe the First Contact Wars or something similar. Bioware have a lot of options so I don't think they'll particularly need to rely on Shepard anymore after this, although that's not to say that they definitely won't use him/her again.

skyward2605d ago

Previous 'multiple endings' have been two shades of the same narrative TBH...

Nate-Dog2605d ago

Hmm I suppose you're right, but in fairness this is supposed to be the end of the current trilogy and is supposed to be the game where all our decisions really matter and where our consequences or rewards play out. Hopefully it'll be a bit more varied than simply "renegade ending / paragon ending" or something similar.

Deputydon2605d ago

Yeah they were pretty much forced to be very similar endings though. It would have taken far too much work to make ME3 start based off of vastly different ending.

For the final game they don't have to worry about future installments. They actually have potential to make the game completely different for multiple playthroughs. Although if DA2 is anything to take note of, it'll just be the same planets, areas, and ships over and over again...

tigertron2605d ago

Well not really. Shepard can live and die in Mass Effect 2's ending. How is that being two shades of the same narrative?

Nate-Dog2604d ago

@Tigertron: Well while your Shepard could have died at the end of ME2 the story can't be continued on from that point (unlike if say just a few of your squadmates died), if Shepard died you just have to make a new character on ME3 with the default choices made for you.

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Zeixama2604d ago

Kill him , if he comes back , reload and kill again .

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32605d ago

Depends on the difficulty level...

Cpt_kitten2605d ago

well if its like ME2 he could live or die but dying won't matter seeing as how Mass Effect 4 will be able to port Shepard over from 3

ME3 should have had a different campaign if shep had died in ME2

but then again it is bioware so watering down everything and taking shortcuts is there new motto

Solidsnakex232605d ago

I do not believe I remember one instance where Shepard was supposed to die in part 2 that isn't part of the story. I would really like to know what you are talking about. And a ME4 where you can port Shepard over from part 3... links please?

Cpt_kitten2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

yeah one of the endings of ME2 was Shepard dies, he falls at the end after everyone else is safe

and i only say ME4 because bioware are sellouts and they already watered the game to the bones for more sales so why wouldnt there be another game it would bring more sales

and now a days trilogies always have 4 or 5 parts

SageHonor2605d ago

Bioware has said this is the end of Commander Shephards story..

Cpt_kitten2605d ago

yeah, they also said the ME3 was gonna be an RPG and we all know how that turned out, a gears of war styled mass effect game

face it bioware has sold themselves out in order to make money it's disappointing but true, they said the Shepard's story was a trilogy back when the first game is in development....there different now, they do things for money not for fans

just like Assassin's Creed was suppose to be a triolgy but now is being dragged out because people want more ezio when really the devs should be working on the plot line with an epic conclusion with Assassin's Creed 3 not Assassin's Creed 2.3

its all about money never about the fans

Deputydon2605d ago

Not too mention AC would have stayed fun for three games, now it's just getting repetitive to the point that I can't even watch a trailer for the game anymore.

EmperorDalek2604d ago

You must wake up every morning thinking: MASS EFFECT 3 IS BAD MUST COMPLAIN.

What's the point of ME3 if you can't play as Shepard?

SageHonor2604d ago

Mass Effect has always been an RPG.... Im guessing you havent been paying any attention to ME3......Otherwise you would have known the RPG elements are deeper than ME2..But you come to all ME3 articles complaining about the same thing... I wont waste my time and dont bother replying

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richierich2605d ago

I thought he died after the first one

Brixxer6002605d ago

Shepard must survive , even if the rest of the Galaxy is doomed.

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