Handheld Heroes Reviews - Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

MolotovCupcake writes - "I wasn't a fan of Limbo. At best, it was a decent puzzle-platformer with some admittedly gory imagery, which is really the only aspect I enjoyed. The plot, endlessly debated by critics everywhere, was nothing to write home about in my opinion, and it bored me rather quickly. So upon the announcement of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, I braced myself for more of the same. Thankfully, aside from the mostly pitch-black environments (pops of color are much easier on the eyes) and wordless narrative, ISTP is much more of a peppier, action-oriented puzzler on the Xbox Live Arcade that I genuinely enjoyed my time with. And, at least to me, it's much more unfriendly than Limbo."

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