Preview :: Sacred 2: Fallen Angel - Xbox 360 & PC

Hands-on with Ascaron's action RPG, Sacred 2: Fallen Angel.

"In this build the small market town was fairly deserted, but upon the game's release it will be bustling with life with people going to work on the farm, meeting in the local pubs after work and kids going to school. Ascaron tell us that the finished game world will be huge, taking around 7 hours to walk from one side to the other and boasting around 30 hours worth of gameplay per character."

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Bolts4057d ago

Ascaron really need to step back a bit and look at why the original was such a success.

1. It was an quirky indie title that took peeps by surprise by it's bloody charm and pretty graphics.
2. The female character is a disco girl in a hotblue metal binki of doom.
3. Its like Diablo, with horse combat.

Thats...about it. From the looks of it, this game it will be outdated upon release so there goes the pretty graphics factor. Oblivion, it is not. Another problem is the gameplay. While the click fest is a simple pleasure that most PC gamers enjoy, I doubt console gamers will warm up to the highly repetitive button mashing gameplay.

In sum, I will pick this one up from the PC bargain bin for $30 and enjoy it, but I'm sure as hell am not going to pay $60 to play it on my Xbox.

Twizlex4056d ago

That's what renting is for. Snatch it up from Blockbuster for 8 bucks and beat it in a week. Experience the game without waiting or paying for it. If it ends up being super awesome and exceeds your expectations, buy it off of eBay for cheap. The only games I'm buying for the rest of this year at full price are Mass Effect and Rock Band, which conveniently come out on the same day.