Resident Evil – which way now?

Which way is Resident Evil heading?

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Killustrious2606d ago

I was too annoyed with how he puts "&" instead of writing "and", so I couldn't read past like the first paragraph.

But, Resident Evil is clearly taking the action way as opposed to the survival horror way it should be taking. If they just made Resident Evil 6 like RE4 except scarier, I'd be relatively happy. But I doubt it. The only thing Capcom is doing right this gen is Street Fighter

mrmikew20182606d ago

Well if Wesker is really dead, they can reboot the franchise. Just thinking of how bad RE 5 makes me sick. Capcom added that broken co-op mechanic into the game, just to bring in new players and basically gave the long-time followers of the franchise the middle finger.

So who knows what's going to happen to the next RE game. I lost faith in Capcom this generation.

IRetrouk2606d ago

they need to go back to the old style, resi 1,2,3, code veronica x, screw the new style action shit, i want zombies and BOWs.

airportwest2606d ago

make the game like RE4 with more zombies and bosses as mercenaries harder to kill.

tigertron2606d ago

They just need to make RE6 scary, give us zombies, allow us to shoot and walk at the same time like Dead Space. Oh, and give us back that certain individual. RE fans will know who I'm refering to...

InNomeDiDio2606d ago

Resident Evil needs Zombies. All kind of Zombies with different skills. And it needs to catch up the atmosphere Resi 1-3 had. You need to be afraid of opening the next door there could be a Zombie behind the corner. Also make less ammo and just a few good weapons. All this mixed in an impressive engine and you have a true Resi Evil.

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