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Brad writes:

"Picture the scene. A beautiful, picturesque planet with lush gardens, serene lakes and a skyline to die for, a secluded paradise. You play the part of an alien happy in paradise. Until one day, from out of nowhere comes a toxic contagious monstrosity - a plague, a virus, which lands on your planet and consumes it from the outside in. Where there were fields, there is now a sticky black mess, where there were lakes, there is an icy tundra, and the skyline is filled with darkness.

This is the basic premise of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. Your planet,is infected by a virus. It’s your job to cleanse the planet, and return harmony to your world. So you jump in your space ship and set off to right the wrongs.

The game opens beautifully. The opening cut scene is an amazing cinematic with incredibly sharp animated graphics to which I was immedietely intrigued. The whole thing, just looked, sharp. Upon entering the game itself, a thought struck me immediately. “This is Limbo, with colour”. I’m purely referencing the visual style here, but if you were to colour in Limbo’s world from it’s black and white tones, this is what you’d end up with. It’s at this point I finally get to take control of my spacecraft, which responds beautifully as I lift off from the docking station - and off I go, to save the world."

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