Resident Evil Revelations: What Could Go Wrong? (Modojo)

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Nintendo's 3DS has a plethora of high profile games hitting shelves. Among them is Resident Evil Revelations, Capcom's long awaited adventure that supposedly brings the zombie blasting franchise back to its survival horror roots.

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WhiteLightning2400d ago

I'm a bit dissapointed that theres new partners going to be in this. I thought it was just going to be Chris and Jill for the entire game like the old days.

Buff10442400d ago

Agreed....tho Parker appears to be zombie bait. :)

Venox20082400d ago

When RE5 was gonna come out I though "wow, what could be wrong, it's RE5!" ..and what happened.. :/ ..hope they've learned from their mistakes..

Buff10442400d ago

Yeah RE5 had a lot of potential...didn't meet expectations.

MrSpace2400d ago

Oh it had a lot of potential untill co-op

Capcom got it right the first time

zerocrossing2400d ago

The Capcom of now is making it... so we have reason to worry :/

Buff10442400d ago

Exactly? What the heck happened to them?

zerocrossing2400d ago

I think everyone at Capcom with any tallent got tired of all the BS and up and left.

SpaceSquirrel2400d ago

The Resident Evil 4 team is working on Dragon's Dogma instead of this

zerocrossing2400d ago

Dragon's Dogma, Now thats a game I'm looking forward too.