Modern Warfare? Or Recycled Cash Cow?

The Gamers Thumb: It’s pretty obvious in today’s world what games sell and what games don’t. If a game is about to release its 8th installment while simultaneously passing it off as their 3rd installment, then, odds are you’ve already heard of it. Given the number of sales, you’re probably also a player of one of these games to which I’m referring. Pretty much, the two big contenders that we gamers get to choose from when it comes to modern day military shooters are Call of Duty and Battlefield. But are some of the later installments even worth buying?

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Inside_out2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

These articles are starting to look all the same, have you notice they start off like " no really, I'm the biggest COD fan and now I'm not and Battlefield is the best "...O_o

Nobody cared about Battlefield before and when the lights go down, the glare of the 100 million EA is spending showing a game that doesn't exist wares off...there will be only one game left standing and it will be COD MW3. EA's day of reckoning is coming and it's going to hit like a drive and see when the beta officially starts and people see what a mess this game is...

The guy who posted this sad display of fanboyism, is the typical hater and at this point having read several blogs or whatever they want to call that nonsense, they look and sound the exact same.

COD MW3 has nothing to's been to the mountain, been tested and now you expect the best COD game ever. Wait till MW3 starts their haven't even done anything yet, it's been all the Battlefield geeks and EA-Dice that have been doing all the talking...that will change...don't cry when it does...

The peoples champ shows the way, THE EXACT way it will look and a Rock concert...

Gamers to the tune of almost 3 million have been begging Activision to take part in the COD Elite beta...wonder why...

MysticStrummer2608d ago

Modern warfare in title only. Recycled cash cow in almost every way. Popular because it's easy to pick up and play. The masses like mindless run and gun better than tactical gameplay. End of story.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32608d ago

Doesn't this game run better on the 360? Maybe that's why these people are acting like someone killed their family. I'm sure if it would've stayed an exclusive it wouldn't be going through such criticisms that it is.

bruddahmanmatt2608d ago

COD - and more specifically MW - is a decent - not great but decent - franchise, but it's also a huge cash cow. The problem I have with the series is that Activision is more concerned with pandering to the masses and as such, they dumb down the game with each new iteration. They also crib plot points and stories directly from Hollywood movies which to me is a sign of lazy writing and they rush their games out the door before they're ready to be played by consumers. I think that with a very large title with a large customer base, you're obviously always going to be more vulnerable to game breaking glitches/tactics since more folks are playing your game, but I think a lot of gamers are left wondering "WTH" when you see guys racking up 100+ kills a round via choppers and planes.

I think what annoys most folks is the fact that Activision continues to pump out mediocrity and the sheep continue to lap it up. Furthermore, due to the fact that such mediocrity has found a great deal of success in terms of sales, it sometimes feels like other developers/publishers assume that being lazy and rushing a product to market will also result in big sales figures. In other words, it sometimes feels like Activision's business model is responsible for damaging the industry as a whole when others attempt to emulate it.

All in all, COD isn't "horrible", I think a lot of folks who resort to using such terms are speaking with a good deal of hyperbole in an attempt to convey their own personal opinions on the franchise, but I do think that for such a very popular title, it's definitely as mediocre as mediocre can get.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32608d ago

If you think two years is rushing, then your favorite game is probably rushed. There are two teams that work on the COD franchise, each one working for two years on each title that is released.

bruddahmanmatt2608d ago

Most games these days are rushed, even with a full two years of development time. Witness the number of titles that require day 1 patches because a product is rushed to market in order to get a head start on the competitors. Also witness the number of games that have had their release dates pushed back because they weren't ready in time.

Two years is simply the industry standard because that's where the maximum profitability window lies, but that doesn't mean that games are always polished and completely ready to go within that time frame.

What's really sad in the case of MW2 is that on the technical side, the game is still running the same old outdated tech. The series never strives to break new ground from a technical aspect. Basically they have two years to simply tweak and improve their previous release and yet they still can't get it right.

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caseh2608d ago

Epic rant :D

I won't be buying into it MW3 after playing Black Ops.

Activision are spanking their remaining franchise after beating Guitar Hero over the head with a big stick. Its inevitable, CoD is screwed in the long run but on consoles BF is still some what fresh.

BF3 for me this time around, i've played MW2, World at War and Black Ops and the last instalment just said to me they are using the old rinse and repeat. I'd like to be proven wrong but i can't see it happening.

Cpt_kitten2608d ago

lol you show battlefield 3 with its awesome engine thats fairly new, awesome gameplay (just a really bad sniper) and amazing detail

then you show cod a game where the engine has been the same for years looks like crap, plays like crap, is buggy as hell and activision wants you to play for leader boards and forums where bf3 and any game you get them for free

and you say cod is good XD your funny

Mikeyy2605d ago

For the 900th time, the fucking god damn mother fucking fucking stat tracking in call of duty fucking elite, is FUCKING FREE FREE FREE.

Good day sir. Your entire post is your valid Opinion and fine, until you start LYING about paying for Elite.

Do some god damn research people. The Base subscibtion to elite is free. that includes all your little stats.

spektical2608d ago

no one cares about battlefield??

boy where have you been? battlefield has been the standard for full war experiences, BF2, and even successors bf2041 have been some of the greatest experiences on the PC.

Not only that the reduced PS2 version of bf2 and xbox were just as addicting.

awi59512608d ago

More like recycled trash.

jvarria12607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

Lol, seriously? Don't have a heart attack over it man. Thats cool if you like COD and feel I was biased with my article. I'll come out and say it, I'm the biggest BF fanboy you'll ever come across. But thats because I was greatly disapointed back when I was a MW fanboy and they release the broken game that is MW2. And I haven't said anything negative about MW3 in particular because I have no idea what is going to be released with that game. It could totally blow my mind but all I'm saying is I seriously doubt it will given thier trends in degrading quality (again, my opinion). The only difference between you and me is I wrote an article about it.

On the offensive, you've seen BF3 with the new engine and some slightly dull gameplay due to the players and you show and old outdated black ops and thier new "elite mode"? You say "bring it" to BF3 players when quality speaks for itself?

You might as well of just posted this link since it speaks for itself as well.

The "people's champ" can speak all they want since they've earned thier fans. Nothing wrong if you choose one or the other, but I myself am a BF3 fan. So there you have it. Have a good one.

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solidworm2608d ago

Im desperate for the next COD to be awesome but experience as told me i will never enjoy one like i enjoyed COD4 ever again.

Cpt_kitten2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

recycled cash cow hands down call of duty is garbage and the fact they allow you commit acts of terrorism and kill hundreds of innocent people is sick

lol okay cod fanboys prove me wrong instead of being ghost disagrees

hamoor2608d ago

We hate cod because it being milked with little-to-no improvements.
Not killing innocent polygons!

Cpt_kitten2608d ago

terrorism is terrorism it dose not matter weather its real or virtual if they allow it in there game then there no better than the terrorists themselves, change the situation in the game a little and it would be 100% different but they didn't they said is a gun kill everyone because its okay to do this

hamoor2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

I don't remeber IW saying "ALRIGHT JIMMY, NOW HERE'S A GUN!

They show you the act of terrorism from the terroriest's view.
Which I believe is an effective way to show people how horrible their acts are!

vickers5002608d ago

"terrorism is terrorism it dose not matter weather its real or virtual if they allow it in there game then there no better than the terrorists themselves"

You're an idiot.

awi59512608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Call of duty is crap just like tony hawk is now. And i cant wait for the day when everyone realizes its utter trash like what happened to the awesome tony hawk series. Thats what happens when you release a game each year.

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BlueEye2608d ago

In the eyes of a former CoD player or a hater, or someone casual, it looks like a big fat cash cow, that's cause it actually is.

To the fans who have been playing and sticking to the franchise for years or just picked up his first gun in Black Ops and loved it, its a whole new game.

New maps, new guns, new perks, new engine, new metagame.

Along with CoD I'm a big fan of Street Fighter and I just recently along with hundreds of thousands bought a DLC for essentially the same game with 4 new characters, and some changes to the previous characters. To a casual player its not worth their money, but to tournament player or online competitive player its a whole new game.

Same goes for the CoD fans, its recycled stuff but new at the same time.

AngelicIceDiamond2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

I'm sure BF3 would be Recycled cash cow if EA released its game every year to. Just sayin

But as I mentioned earlier I'll be getin both, Im not at war with either I'm neutral party so imma be having fun. though my friendslist will be half and half and somewhat torn. I'll manage to alter between both.

I'll just change up my gameplay style through both games, its not that hard, 2 different games 2 different mentalities I play both like how they're meant. (Though I prefer accurate weaponry and staying at a distance)

caseh2608d ago

I tried that with MGO and MAG on PS3, usually ends in tears. Aim goes to crap when you go between two games.

I just end up picking one and then commit to it until I get bored/pissed off. Then i'll sell it on and pick up the other game. :)

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