Five iOS titles perfect for PlayStation Vita – Day One: Groove Coaster

The handheld market has rapidly changed since the original PSP launched back in 2004, mobile phones have become more advanced and more people are playing these ‘bitesized’ gaming apps. They’re cheap to buy and perfect for wasting a few minutes on here and there. However the biggest hurdle smartphone gaming has is control. Sure touch screen is cool and all that, but it will never replace the tactile input of the humble button. Plus having to use the same display that the game being played on can lead to you losing out on what’s happening on the screen. But smartphone gaming shouldn’t be completely written off just yet, there are a number of titles available on the App Store that would be perfect for PlayStation Vita.

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evercast2547d ago

I picked up groove coaster last night on IOS... one of the better 99 cent games i've bought.

sloth33952547d ago

why is it a site will try to stretch out 1 story into a 5 part story

MasterCornholio2547d ago

Playstation Suite = where all the 2 dollar games will be

Stealth2k2547d ago

The biggest hurdle for mobile games is they suck