Army of Two III in development, ditches Unreal 3.0 for Frostbite 2?

There have been recent rumors that the engine is also set to power Mirror Edge's next outing as well. This however might not be the only EA title to use the engine. We found a profile that might point to the direction that the next iteration of Army of Two might be in development and will feature the rendering powers of Frostbite 2.0

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CrimsonEngage2610d ago

Army of Two III... Why not just call it Army of III and add a third person to the crew? Anyways, hope it doesn't suck as bad a s the second game. The first is still the best.

M4I0N32610d ago

yeah, i was thinking the same, it should be called Army of Three instead of Army of Two 3.

I'd be amazing to see them use the frostbite engine aswell as the ANT engine.

jony_dols2610d ago

Is Frostbite 2.0 set to be the next generation's Unreal 3?

I hope EA encourage their studios to use their own independent engines rather than reusing FrB 3.0 in all their games....

disturbing_flame2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Really sick of Unreal engine so it would not bother me.

DrFUD2610d ago

If this is true it might be a looker.
If it's one of the better looking games on market maybe people will try it just because of that and that's not going to happen sticking with the Unreal engine.
Because let's be real...
Nobody is dumb enough to claim any Unreal engine game is one of the best looking titles this gen unless they are 360 fanboys who try to use Gears because that's what fanboy goggles do - they make Gears one of the most impressive looking games out. LOL

madjedi2610d ago

Can you be any more lame than that.

AngryHippo2609d ago

Really?! gears 3 does look amazing in my opinion and so does arkham asylum and I'm sure more than a few others feel the same. Do you honestly not think so?! I think fanboy goggles work both ways!

Dart892610d ago

They might as well start using FB 2 on all their games :D.

Dlacy13g2610d ago

I think EA has mandated that all games now must use Frostbite 2.0 if its from an internal developer. No complaints so far but then again...I haven't really played a game yet on Frostbite 2. I am curious to see how games like Need For Speed will handle the engine.

M4I0N32610d ago

yeah definitely agree with you, but it is a very cost effective solution for them to use their own built engines.

gamingdroid2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

I would be surprised if they didn't, because Unreal would cost them a pretty penny while Frostbite will not. Of course that will cause some delay in pushing out titles though... new technical stuff and moving all the stuff over.

Persistantthug2610d ago

There are some EA developers which do use their own engines.

I don't think EA corp is forcing Visceral, for example, to use Frostbyte if Visceral is fine with their own.

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The story is too old to be commented.