Does the 3DS price cut foretell the end of handheld gaming?

So much has been said and discussed about the 3DS price cut. Sarcastic Gamer asks: If Nintendo can't sell a hand held, who can?

Is it the end of "gaming only" handhelds?

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Jio2613d ago

The main reason the 3DS isn't selling well is because Nintendo still hasn't discontinued the original DS, selling it for $50 cheaper. This, along with the Nintendo DS redesigns make people think that the 3DS is just another DS only with 3D, thus only buying the DS and ignoring the 3DS. The same problem will plague the PS Vita if sony does not discontinue the PSP once the Vita is released.

charmer2613d ago

no it shows a company adjusting pricing due to the econy and to boost up sales for the holidays... its that simple.

bangoskank2612d ago

No, it means the end of 3d handheld gaming. I believe this isn't selling well because parents are reading articles about how it may damage their children's eyes. I'm not buying one because I'm not impressed with the software lineup and I'm not fond of eye strain.

charmer2612d ago

economy.....i still think 3ds and vita will both be fine...despites apples success lately

DanSolo2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

Handheld gaming is definitely not over... but I think it is fair to say to get the heavy sales and compete with things like iPhone, it needs to be integrated with phones more fully!

Like the Xperia is a good idea, but it can't even play the PSP games you already own... and is not a powerful enough gaming device, which makes it seem pretty pointless, except as a step towards integration!

I like what I am seeing of Vita, but I will not be rushing out to buy it, as I will rarely use it as I do not tend to like carrying too many things around with me. But if the Vita was to also be a phone, then for me personally it would be a day one buy and I would not even consider another phone... I currently have a HTC Desire and it is a decent phone, the iPhone is a decent phone, but they wouldn't even come close to a Vita/phone!

I carry my phone with me everywhere, so to have a PSP built into it would be awesome!

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