Square Enix CEO and Sony President Speak at Tokyo Game Show

Andriasang writes, "Sony has announced its keynote speakers for this year's Tokyo Game Show."

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stonecold32516d ago

where ffvs 13 forthe ps3 or even give us a released date

Kurisu2516d ago

I really doubt Versus XIII will be at TGS. Type-0 is releasing in Japan on October 13th, and XIII-2 will be releasing in December (January everywhere else). A Versus announcement probably won't come until E3 2012.

fluffydelusions2516d ago

I'm convinced Versus will be a PS4 game at this point lol.

Kurisu2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

It definitely seems that way! But remember FFXII didn't release on PS2 until a month before the PS3 launched (in the UK, at least) so it may be the case of a repeat story with Versus releasing just before a PS4 launch. And Type-0 is releasing on PSP just before the Vita comes out!

DigitalRaptor2516d ago

@ fluffydelusions - No. There's more chance of it coming to 360 than that. and there's not much chance of even that at this stage!

So much work has gone into PS3 tech development, changing the hardware they're working on halfway through production is not only more effort, but more expensive and would only be more time consuming having to re-allocate resources etc.

pedrami912516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

A SE only conference like DK Σ3713 is a lot more likely where you'll get to see some more of FFVSXIII in action.

disturbing_flame2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

It's time for Square to start making good work with Sony.
They've done great in the past on PSX and PS2.
I think they can manage a great deal on this generation too.

Stealth2k2516d ago

dragon quest X reveal confirmed.

Versus date confirmed

Shikoro2516d ago

Dragon Quest X was long ago announced for Wii. :/

But I sure would kill for a "real" Dragon Quest game. :)

hamoor2516d ago

Gimme some ffxiiivs LOVE
"and here at square enix. We are proud to announce ffxiii.......TWO"


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The story is too old to be commented.