Diablo 3 beta overview, FAQs and gameplay footage for D3 event

Product-Reviews writes: If you are a fan of Blizzard and the games they create such as the StarCraft series, the World of Warcraft MMO, and even previous Diablo games, you should be aware of what they are trying to do with Diablo III.
First off, we have this awesome new video at the end of the article to show you that gives us over 7 minutes of pure gameplay bliss. You get to see different locations, spells, and abilities that have made it in to the beta, which we believe will be coming anytime soon!

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danswayuk2569d ago

Diablo III looks good in this gameplay.

GrieverSoul2569d ago

lol at the people that think you can make money out of this...

Really?! You gonna spend 200 hours to get a Uber Pink Axe to sell for like 50§? Really? With that amount of time you can grab a part time job and make more money.

Also, now that its legal to buy stuff, people will start buying them more often meaning that the fear of being scammed from a dodgy online seller is non existent. Meaning? Everyone with money will get their Uber equipment with no effort single handely destroying the loot quest purpose of the game.

To finish, this is just ridiculous from Blizzard. First buying online gold is bad and finnances this and that... so now its okay?! Right?! Its okay because some of that money is filling their already full pockets. Greedy bastards! Games arent what they used to be. In online games I feel like everyone has a chance. We are all equals... now, as in real life, the rich kid will just buy everything without effort.