DLC, The Great Exploiter of Gaming Unlockables

Dan Curtis of Manatank writes: Once upon a time, in the land of gaming, everything was peaceful. The term fanboy had yet to be coined, casual gaming vs hardcore gaming was but a glint in the eye of Nintendo executive, and Crash Bandicoot was still around and hadn't been shoved into the gaming cupboard that time forgot. It is, not however, these items listed that we should occupy ourselves with - instead, the item we should be focusing on is downloadable or exclusive pre-order Content and examine just how this content comes at the expense of the humble gaming unlockable.

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dangert122542d ago

Yeah I started this gen on the wii and kept hearing Ps3/360 will get dlc for certain games. fifa/smackdown vs raw and those multiplats on the wii cod waw. and at first i thought dlc was something that it was back in the day on pc like exspansion packs then I got an xbox and found out it just your unlockables you get on the wii but at a price that ws a crushing blow but the worst thing about this gen is now the hardest game mode is a unlock completing the game to finally play it on a setting that chelleges you is bullshit

zero_cool2539d ago

Batman needs some of his batastic collection of vehicles in the batman arkham city game like these below...