Why Nintendo’s Price Cut Cannot Save the 3DS

"The 3DS was billed by Nintendo (obviously) and quite a large segment of the press as the “next big thing”; 3D without glasses was the way of the future, but when it released in March, consumers weren’t exactly enthralled. Since release it has sold 4.32 million units worldwide, but sales have been particularly slow this past quarter, shifting only 710,000 units since April. When coupled with declining Wii and DS sales it has resulted in Nintendo making a net loss of ¥25.5 billion ($330 million) this quarter."- The Stoned Sheep

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maxcavsm2605d ago

Maybe if they had some games worth a crap. Urban Champion? Way to have your finger on the pulse, Nintendo.

Imp0ssibl32605d ago

I agree, even with a reduced price I won't buy this... OoT seems to be the only must-have, all the rest of the games seem pretty average.

gumgum992605d ago

Mario 3D average?

Mario Kart Average?

Kid Icarus average??


miyamoto2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

This is not the first time Nintendo posted losses after losses.

In December, 2010 I always asked people "Where did the Wii & DS profit go?"

Now August 2011, I know where the Wii & DS profit went ... in to their own pockets and they stayed there.

They try to sell us the 3DS, a slightly upgraded DSi with 3D screen made at $100 but jacked up & marked up to a whopping $250 bucks!!!!

Nintendo really thinks people are dumb & they can get away with this cheap-assery. They have become big sell-outs now.

Now the public brings their verdict.

ShadesMoolah2605d ago

The price cut is the most publicized gaming event at the moment and I think it will certainly help shift more units.

gumgum992605d ago

funny how that works...

Michael-Jackson2605d ago

Pokemon Grey or R/S remake


MasterCornholio2605d ago

Its still not worth it due to the current library of games. But knowing Nintendo this will change during the holiday with the big N releases.

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