EuroGamer - Andy McNab and Battlefield 3 - Interview

EuroGamer - Battlefield earned its stripes as a multiplayer game. Fast forward 11 years and Battlefield, now promoted as the contender to the colossal Call of Duty, will have to exhibit similar skill at telling a story. Who better to hire as help, thought Battlefield 3 developer DICE, than best-selling author and former SAS member Andy McNab.

McNab, a pseudonym, shot to fame for writing Bravo Two Zero, his account of a failed Gulf War SAS patrol. He's written more books based on his own experiences since, as well as fiction and an autobiography. McNab also spent time in Hollywood advising on the use of weapons and military manoeuvres, and worked with Michael Mann and the actors on Heat. Now, his silhouetted self has turned to games.

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Hufandpuf2572d ago

He seems like a promising addition so far, I hope he can pull the modern military shooter from cliche and generic story lines and dialog.

Dynasty20212572d ago

McNab writes arguably the only books I can never seem to put down, he's seriously talented, and the fact that he's been there, done that, makes it that much more realistic, even though most of his books are based on fictional scenarios.

I just hope they dont push him being in it like MoH did and the game flops.

Aha, Im just kidding. It cant.