Confusion over Battlefield 3 Online Pass

Battlefield 3 will "probably" ship with an online pass system, DICE's Patrick Bach has told GamerZines, but there's still some confusion over how the team plans to implement it.

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xYLeinen2576d ago

Doesn't matter..

Buying this game new as I do with every game I'm interested in. If you don't buy the game new where the developers and publisher get what is rightful theirs you don't deserve to play the online part of the game anyway..

Just my thoughts..

CrimsonEngage2576d ago

Pretty much this. Going to buy the game day one brand new. Won't effect me.

StanLee2575d ago

This just keeps getting better.

Dante1122575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

"The vast majority of games published by EA within the past year, however, have shipped with an online pass system which blocks second hand users from accessing the game's online multiplayer unless they purchase a pass from Xbox Live Marketplace or PlayStation Store at an additional cost."

WTF! Xbox Live is gonna have this online pass stuff too now? Damn, I thought they just did that for Madden lol (Didn't know of the other previous EA titles that had a online pass since I always buy new).

xabmol2575d ago

I'm buyin it day one too, but it will effect me. In BF:BC2 I liked rampaging with the ol' Carl Gustav so much that I made an alt account named 'Uncle Carl' just to have fun an do stupid shit.

But no. 'Uncle Carl' didn't have the VIP code...


killcycle2575d ago

if you have more then 5 ps3's it will.

gamingdroid2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Better yet, try lending the game to your friend! Ahhhh, can't play online?

That's OK, you will be supporting the publisher whom last quarter made a paltry sum of $232 million profit last quarter, up from a tiny amount of $176 last year. EA only claims to be the largest publisher in the west!

You do want to support the industry don't you?

chriski3332575d ago

nothing confusing u buy new which i will u get the online pass. u buy used u buy the online pass

Kurt Russell2575d ago

I don't like these online pass systems. If it didn't exist more people would be there for me to play against online.

For example Dead Space 2... The multiplayer is a little tacked on but also a bit of fun, there are also less and less people playing it... If those who bought it 2nd hand would be able to play online then maybe those who payed would get a bit more life out of it.

EA are greedy is all, they're making plenty of money - they'll always want more.

RankFTW2575d ago

Won't affect me as I'm getting it on PC. Poor console only gamers.

SilentNegotiator2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

"Going to buy the game day one brand new. Won't effect me"
DRM affects everyone, legitimate buyer or not.

How dare you attack our wonderful little mom and pop store known as EA! lol
Exactly, though, it will keep you from lending to friends, playing it on a friends' consoles, etc. Even if it allows for 5 or whatever uses of the code....that's still a limited use. If you have more than 5 or 10 or whatever friends, it's a potential and highly unfair problem.

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InNomeDiDio2575d ago

I'll buy it new too. Amazon for me.

Brownghost2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

i always buy from amazon free release date shipping for prime and they dont charge tax also games can be $55 before there released so i save a lot

ilikegam3s2575d ago

Yeah same I'm going to buy it new. Don't know which platform tho.. (x360, ps3 or PC??? :S) Prob all of them eventually hahahahahha

Drekken2575d ago

I have a bunch of disappointed PS3 friends, but BF is meant to be played on the PC. Send out the lynch mobs!!

Smaller rooms, smaller maps... no KB/Mouse support all spells out PC purchase for me.

Mr Patriot2575d ago

The reason im not buying it for pc is cos of keyboard and mouse it sucks cant aim with it , and with a gazillion of buttons on keyboard

ilikegam3s2575d ago

I have a x360 controller wireless receiver thingy. Even though ill get trashed but oh well... still havent decided which platform im going to get it for.

f7897902575d ago


You're as bad as the Wii people who said there were too many buttons on the ps3 and 360 controller.

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jriquelme_paraguay2575d ago

dont care... BF:BC2 is the only game i own since it launch... and i have inverted 500+ hours
Worth full price!

raWfodog2575d ago

Yeah but what if my son wants to play also, on my PS3 system, with my game that I bought new. It's not a used game but it seems like I will have to buy him a pass in order for him to play online.

Free multiplayer was one thing PSN had over Xbox Live and it seems that are effectively getting rid of that.

Urrakia342575d ago

How are they getting rid of that? Xbox owners have to pay the online fee AND the online pass together if they buy used. PSN is still free so you just have to buy the online pass which is $10 usually. Also, why don't you just let your son use your profile to play if you're so concerned about paying for another pass?

Biggest2575d ago

No, you won't. Once you activate it on a system, it works on that system.

Dante1122575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

@ raWfodog

Idk if you know, but you'll have to play for the online pass from the Xbox marketplace as well if you buy used. I think some previous EA titles have had the online pass for both consoles for awhile too.

Edit: Also true what Biggest said, you don't have to continue paying for a new pass for multiple sub accounts as well. It's system based, so if you use your friend's PS3 or Xbox360, you will have to pay for another.

radphil2575d ago


It wasn't for NFS: Hot Pursuit

elmaton982575d ago

That weird because my brother has fifa 11 and he activated his pass on his system and then sometimes he would use my system to play and didn't require a new pass cause he would use his account on my system.

raWfodog2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

@Urrkia55 - I meant figuratively getting rid of free PSN if you have 5 used games that each required $10 online pass. You see, it's now technically the same as Xbox Live. And I know XBox Live will also require the pass but I don't play on Xbox Live so that doesn't concern me. I was just focusing on PS3.

I may not be aware of all the details but I thought that each user had to pay for an online pass even if they were all on the same system. If I'm wrong, good. But I haven't seen anything yet that said otherwise.

silverdragon412575d ago

The online pass will work for all accounts on your ps3. Just like when you buy DLC it works for all accounts.

radphil2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )


Then apparently their system had a mess-up, because the last 3 codes we did worked on an account basis, not system basis.

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gamingdroid2575d ago

Buying a game new isn't the issue for me, I buy all my games new and the only time I ever bought used was out of print games. Even then it has only been a handful of time.

On the flip side, this is directly reducing the value and freedom of your game. They essentially just took something existing claimed they needed compensation, yet their profit was $200 million last quarter, as an excuse to charge you more.

I'm boycotting games that have an online pass. I don't see Activision charging me for a pass, instead they give you a premium service then asks for more money.

If you want to support them, it is a free country and capitalism rules (even if I don't like the result), but don't spout nonsense about developers need their cut. They got their cut when you bought the game the first time!

Ducky2575d ago

Has there been any announcement on dedicated servers yet?

I *believe* BC2 had dedicated servers on consoles, and I would expect them to have dedis with BF3 as well. It could justify the online pass a bit then since they're at least providing a service.

evrfighter2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Nice post.

I'm usually against anything activision does but they got it right. Even used copies is more exposure. I wouldn't go as far as saying a lot of what makes cod successful is all the exposure it gets through the used, borrowed, and rental copies.

I like how publishers are now assuming they got a instant hit and will milk it for all it's worth. ea's worst enemy is ea themselves and it's been this way since bf2142

hiredhelp2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Ill buy this game new no question there.
But im still not in favour of this online pass. or anyother Pass.
It wasnt a issue 10 years ago its not a issue now.

If you think its fare thats your right. im lucky i can afford new games but for thoes on tight budget have to wait till the game drops in price or buy second hand cos thats all they can do.
then thats why im against it.
its not the devs loosing money they get paid there salary like everyone else. its about greed and punishment from the big bosses upstairs. that want to squeeze them extra pounds or dollors.

cant beleave im saing this makes me old but ive been gaming fr 26 years. so i know the devs arnt loosing money but greed has changed the past generation for the worst.

Solid_Snake-2575d ago

very very well said there.

if you buy battlefield 3 used you deserve to be punished.


fluffydelusions2575d ago

I'm perfectly fine with an online pass for this game. I'm purchasing new anyway to support the tremendous work Dice have done.

Blaze9292575d ago

if they want a shot in Call of Duty's market share, they definitely should not even be thinking about an online pass for this game. BF4? Maybe. But right now, you want to draw in as many people as possible. Online passes, block that.

Just my thoughts though.

Chocoboh2575d ago

Except DICE/EA already makes money by selling it to stores. The stores are what is hit hardest because with the online pass they get shit on when it comes to used games sales as well when they're the ones that bought the stock in the first place

venom062575d ago

yep... this hits the nail right on the head.. anyone gotta a problem with it, go play a used version of Mario Kart and GTFO...

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red2tango2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Buying it day 1 anyways. Battlefield 3 will get in the way of exams, not the other way around.

Sub-Zero852575d ago

Already paid in full at one of my local gamestops ..... cant wait !!!

jbamg552575d ago

it makes sense for dedicated servers on consoles i would pay for an online pass every month to have dedicated servers on mw3!

DanSolo2575d ago

Yeah go on... keep saying stupid things like that until companies start to notice and get ideas about how to charge us even more money...

I am buying the game day one, and will not be complaining as it is the same price as normal... but I certainly do not want to keep paying extras for different things.... Pay for it new, get your dedicated servers... never pay another penny except for DLC if it is good enough to pay for (such as Vietnam BF:BC2)

gamingdroid2575d ago

It's ironic you all would say that, because an online pass is already effectively limiting your freedom to use the game.

At least, providing you with dedicated servers is an extra most games on consoles don't offer. Instead, they removed your freedom, repackaged it as a lesser version and essentially sold it to you under a disguise of compensation (read profit). I don't mind value-add... I do mind value-retract!

DanSolo2575d ago


I am not saying I agree with the online pass, in fact I agree with what you are saying, I just mean that I will be buying the game new and as it will not actually be costing me more I will not complain... doesn't mean I like it!

But my comment to jbamg55 was because he was saying he would pay for an online pass every month for dedicated servers, my point was saying that is just the mentality that games companies want people to have. He might not be serious (or maybe he is), but it is just a stupid comment that doesn't exactly help keep us from paying more for less in the future!

f7897902575d ago


Godchild10202575d ago

I just hope they make the Pass and the Preorder bonuses separate codes. I just hate when people that don't preorder still get the bonuses. That is just me, but however they do it. I will still buy day one.

Chocoboh2575d ago

Yes because you're one of those hipster kids, right? "If they have it it's not FAIR! I want to be special!"

Godchild10202574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

No dude. Why state something as preorder bonuses and then have those that didn't preorder still get the extra content. What is the sense of preordering if those that didn't still have get the extra content? No reason to call it preorder bonuses then.

If they have it, it's theirs. It's not a problem. I just don't like when Publishers call it preorder bonuses and those that don't preorder still get them. Hell I can pick up a copy of any limited edition 3 weeks to a month after release and still get the extra content. No reason to preorder.

It's not the gamers fault it the publishers. If you look at it like how I'm looking at it; it's good for the gamer ans developers but still bad for Devs since for every limited edition sold, that is one less DLC bought from them.

Those that disagreed with me are the ones that don't preorder but still want the pre-order bonuses.

My favorite preorder bonuses are the ones that come on the receipt.