5 Reasons Resistance 3 Multiplayer Could Trump Call of Duty

Resistance make it’s return this September with the third game in the series, and Insomniac has been working hard to make sure that it does the series proud in every area, including multiplayer. So here lies that age old question: will it be better than Call of Duty? Nothing is for certain, but Resistance 3′s multiplayer does have several things working in it’s favour.

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maxcavsm2302d ago

Resistance 3? Not a chance. Won't have as many sold as MW3= smaller MP population.

RedHotChiliPepaSpray2301d ago

So the main reason, in you opinion, that r3 won't be as good as cod is because their won't be as many people online? You'll always be able to get into a game so what's the problem?

ThrazN72301d ago

it's true the game's multiplayer will have a small population but it's a dedicated community.

Imp0ssibl32302d ago

Meh, I never liked the resistance series and, from what I've seen, this game fails to impress me. The multiplayer looks OK but I doubt it will attract a lot of people and keep their attention for a long time.

ThrazN72301d ago

yea the game will be ok nothing special. generic multiplayer(inb4 hur dur but has sony on the box) but the story look interesting worth a rent

THC CELL2302d ago

I am not getting call of duty so yes u are right

dooge2302d ago

Although there are many who hate COD, the amount who love it is tenfold.

CaliGamer2302d ago

Man, here we go again.... can't we all just agree that the game will be entertaining? These articles can really get old.

In a few hours you will see a list like "5 Reasons Why COD Will Trump RE3's Multiplayer". It's all so silly.

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