Gears of War 3 Pre-Orders Double MW3, Reaches Platinum

Gears of War 3, the highly anticipated conclusion to the Gears of War series, is only a couple months away from its official release and, despite the recent leakages which floated around the internet, the game has already reached Platinum just in pre-orders in the Americas alone.

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fluffydelusions2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

I just recently purchased a used 360 on craigslist mainly for this game as well as Forza 4 and Witcher 2. I'll also check out Halo CE anniversary as I enjoyed CE on PC. BTW, will CE HD have mp anyone know?

fluffydelusions2541d ago

Awesome! BTW, is it download only on XBL or retail release?

Imp0ssibl32541d ago

Yea, Halo Anniversary will be released as retail... I'm really looking forward to that game as well :P

r1sh122541d ago

Most of the 3rd person shooter audience have been left out for a while. Call of duty was only soo big because there wasnt any else shooter wise that had such a following.
Many will argue that battlefield is better but it doesnt get close on sales.
Gears was a massive game and has a massive MP base, all of those players have become active. Call of duty is really boring and black ops is the reason why many have taken that view so they want different games.
Im not buying mw3 after the bore fest of black ops.

maxcavsm2541d ago

How in the...what? How is this possible? I understand folks are a little tired of the CoD series, but really? And GoW is Xbox exclusive, too!

fluffydelusions2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Gears of war has always sold really well. Halo and Gears are sales juggernauts. Halo Reach had over 2 million preorders afaik.

Hicken2541d ago

Gears has also been a reserve-able game for a year and a half, now, if not longer.

omi25p2541d ago

Im not surpirsed that the game is getting lots of preorders. But beating MW3 holy cr*p. Cant wait to play it.

DEA Fresh2541d ago

I love COD because they never try to force you to pre order by adding beta access, map packs, or limited edition DLC. They know the game will sell well on own it's own merits. I think last time all they offered was an avatar shirt or something. I think if everybody is paying the same price for the game, they should all get the same content regardless of what retailer they buy from or whether they preorder or not.

The only incentive I like is giftcards. They of course are strictly offered by the retailer and don't effect the game.

Jazz41082541d ago

I worked at GameStop during black ops launch and we had numerous preorder deals going on for that game. I feel Gears is doing well because its the better game based on the past titles.

SwiftShot2541d ago

No one is being forced.
You do know this is the final of the series?
People want there collectibles man.
If you ever played Gow1 & 2 you would know that gow3 is a huge leap. BTW last offer was a free Griffin skin!!!
:))))))) Wooo freeeee is freeeeee

bestofthebest2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

I think alot of people are holding out on preordering mw3 cause they are waiting for the hardened or prestige editions to be shown.

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