Battlefield 3 Novel Announcement Photos + Details

DICE have today officially announced the publication of a novel based on Battlefield 3. The Battlefield 3: The Russian novel is written by Andy McNab.

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Hellsvacancy2542d ago

Wtf? im all for readin (readin A Storm Of Swords at the mo) but this? NOT for me thanks

What happened to that Fallout novel?

Ducky2541d ago

I believe NewVegas came with some promo book... or something.

coolasj2541d ago

I really like video game novels. They're usually just brainless reading fun :D Ie. Halo, Resistance

Pikajew2541d ago

How would a game with hardly any story make a book?

Ja555on2541d ago

You haven't even played it, how can you say that?

Pikajew2541d ago

Military shooters usual have bad stories and You have to guess it will have a bad story.

Ja555on2541d ago

This is not any military shooter

Bodster2541d ago

Written by Andy McNab so could actually be quite promising :)