Diablo 3 Beta Details | Full D3 Preview and Discussion

We have allocated the latest Diablo III details and resources today at the GameGuidedog site, and will be updating the page later today with further details directly from Blizzard in regards to the Diablo Beta Download, testing teams (how to get on that list), and further very important details.

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NuclearDuke2610d ago

Their beta will probably run 2-3 months, expect a Q4 2011 or Q1 2012 release.

gameguidedog2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Per Blizzard, the beta date won't be announced until the official gold release date is, but your guess is probably pretty accurate, i'd say Q1,Q2 2012

budbundystyles2610d ago

I am getting my new rig sometime in September, crossing my fingers it's not going to be too late for this.

JsonHenry2610d ago

From the looks of it I don't think you will need a high powered gaming rig to play it maxed. I am waiting till the new Bulldozer CPUs and new GPUs from AMD come out before I build mine. Hopefully around September like you mentioned.

Gran Touring2610d ago

Blizzards games are always capable of running on low-end hardware. You won't need high-end hardware for this game, their games are scalable from low-end to enthusiast.

SpaceSquirrel2610d ago

Diablo 3 is looking great. Can't wait to play it with my friends.

JerryMatters2609d ago

Then how is anyone getting the D3 beta already? Thanks for telling me, was looking forever.

JerryMatters2609d ago

Also I think that D3 is going to be better than anything, even though it kind of looks like D2, but I played that for 5 years straight! :)