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ksense2541d ago

now is the perfect time to bring these games to life Sony.

sinncross2541d ago

Really depends what else they are funding. I think this game would rock butsony hav money in vita games and 2 other new exclusives. But heres hoping

zootang2541d ago

I've got a strange feeling this could end up on the PSV. The Co-op buddy system would be perfect for the PSV maybe even cross platform.

jony_dols2540d ago

Considering how easy it is to port PS3 games over to the Vita, it probably would be quite easy for the dev's to bring across all the work that has already been put into the PS3 version, and finish it and craft it into a PSV game

bruddahmanmatt2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

FWIW, it may have been "jaw dropping" five years ago, but the tech demo footage they put together hasn't aged very well. They'd pretty much be forced to start from scratch if they ever wanted to resurrect this project and not have it look like something from the PS2 era. At the time (circa 2005-2006), it did look pretty good, but here in 2011 games like Uncharted 3, Killzone 3 and even Battlefield 3 have really raised the bar.

bruddahmanmatt2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

I love how all of these idiot fanboys are stealth disagreeing without offering up any sort of evidence to support their opinions. Aside from the death and cover animations which were very well done, where does the footage we've seen ever look anything remotely close to "jaw dropping" by today's standards?

The dev is even quoted as stating:

"A lot of what was shown off publicly had a bit of a mixed review. But what was going on in-house at the time was looking quite spectacular."


Bebedora2540d ago

I agree. Back then, it looked really slick. But now, most games tops it with goregeous graphics.

Bebedora2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Disregard me posting this.

DatNJDom812540d ago

Kinda reminds me of wanted: weapons of fate a little bit. Were the same guys that made wanted making this game?

CameronL992540d ago

Yeah, two guys on a cover based game, focused around Co-Op, sounds like Army of Two to me.

MaxXAttaxX2540d ago

Except this game was demoed in 2005. Before Army of Two was even announced.

CameronL992540d ago


Didn't say this was a copy of Army of Two, but that kind of gameplay has been done in the past, from AoT to Kane and Lynch, and they all suck.

GamerSciz2540d ago

@bruddah Few would argue, or shouldn't at least, that this tech demo showing a car being destroyed in real-time is considered "old-tech".

showtimefolks2540d ago

in 2012-2013

now with ps3's install base as big as it is and a game like getaway 3 if done right like other open world games can be a huge success

eight days on the other hand i want more because of the demo/trailer we saw was great in my opinion

so here is hoping come gdc or next year's e3 we will see something

there were rumors before this years e3 that both games are under development again

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sikbeta2540d ago

Or both...


Please London Studio, at least make the game for PSV, it has a lot of potential...

metsgaming2540d ago

its really a shame because eight days looked amazing and looked like it could become one of the best games on the ps3. There are really very few coop games and it would be a really fresh thing to see there needs to be more games that are third person and focus on coop.

AlienLion2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

But did it have real time weapons change?

Jezuz2540d ago

or crabs. Giant enemy crabs.

BinaryMind2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

To me it just looks like Uncharted, but with a bland art style, more shooting, and annoyingly long animation. Yeah, some might call the long animation realism, but I doubt it makes it a better game. And we all know the shooting wasn't the best part of Uncharted. Remember, there's a reason they cancelled the thing.

Siesser2540d ago

Yeah, if I'm not mistaken, it was cancelled for Eye Pet. Hardly an even exchange, in my opinion :)

ash_divine2540d ago


You really kind of missed the point he was making at the end of his comment. He's saying that if it really were that great, it wouldn't have gotten canceled. Which is a good point.

I mean, regardless of what game replaced it, the fact that it could get pushed aside so easily means it probably was "that" great to begin with.(the fact that the game got replaced by something like Eyepet only proves that point.)

ilikegam3s2540d ago

This game looks alot like uncharted to me. :P

hiredhelp2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Just read the whole article. i feel like crying honistly. i can say this was definatly one of the most worst judgement's sony have made. to cann this game with getaway.
thinking back to the games at launch of the ps3. the devs was alien to the ps3 tech looking at them games now many wernt or that great. some were" that being said just looking at this gameplay and the engine this could of been a BIG HIT maybe even turn some people towords the ps3. even with the large price tag.
I really am upset reading that article. Gutted

subtenko2540d ago

I might as well make an article, "(cancelled ps1 title), was jaw dropping" cause this is old news! We already know it was jaw dropping :P

Maybe some of these cancelled games are putting their efforts into the game Agent..just being somewhat optimistic

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

Jezuz2540d ago

Disagree means disagree. Didn't you know that ?

showtimefolks2540d ago

eight days and getaway were never cancelled but put on hold because to work on ps MOVE i would not be surprised if both these games come out late 2012

solar2540d ago

oh stop with this over sensationalism crap. if it was so "jaw-dropping", why did it get cancelled?

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disturbing_flame2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Maybe in 2007.

We're in 2011 now.

And a demo is far from the experience we can have on an entire game.

It's sad this project has been canned but if it was the price to give more funds to other first party studios, it's just a marketting strategy and it pays great when it's well done.

When you see how much exclusives Sony release, it has a cost when those exclusives are not bought by the users of the system.

All Sony exclusives don't do great scores in selling, look at Motorstorm Apocalypse, Lair or Heavenly Sword.. it's not the only problem to make exclusives, the other problem for Sony is how things will work if only a few amount of people buy them.

There's an other example with Resistance 3 a great franchise from the PS3 on this generation, there's no lisibility at the moment for Sony to know if this title is going to be greatly supported by PS3 users.
Preorders for Resistance 3 are for the moment not important and the game is released in only one month, less than 100 000 units, if PS3 users don't support that much titles where Sony invested a lot of money, it's normal that titles like Eight Days are canned even if the demo looked great...

finnhima2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

It boggles the mind how people still cling to that belief that ps3 exclusives don't sell, and use poor examples to prove them. Time and time again its been proven that great games have gone to sell quite well for example such as

Little big planet series
Uncharted series
Heavy Rain
Infamous 2

Lair was a critical failure and Heavenly sword was released months after ps3's release date when it was 600$, yet it STILL sold more than enslaved (a multiplatform game btw) Motorstorm Apocalypse's release window was a mess due to the Japan disaster. All those three were piss-poor examples.

If sony were in such danger of their games not selling, they wouldn't have released as many exclusives in a single year for their fanbase, and if the other company (not saying any names) was in much better shape, then why have they only released less than a handfull?

Like you said. This is 2011, not 2007.

Perjoss2540d ago

Regarding Heavenly Sword, it was almost a launch title, they always sell well because there is practically nothing else to play on your new console. BUT, having said that it was a brilliant game, really, and deserves the sales. I don't even think its short length is something to complain about seeing as it was bursting with quality!

Not sure if it had ever been done before but I particularly loved the 3 different blocking types, depending on what kind of attack was incoming.

gamingdroid2540d ago

I think it is relative how you look at it. You could say most games don't sell compared to CoD or most games sell compared to Enslaved. It is all in the frame of reference.

That said, Heavenly Sword just wasn't a good game TO ME. After testing the demo of Enslaved, I felt that same slow combat mechanic was still present so avoided it. Might pick it up when it hits $10-15 since I'm a fan of Journey to the West (which this games story is heavily inspired by).

MaxXAttaxX2540d ago

Remember that back then the PS3's install base was a lot smaller than it was when Enslaved came out.

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KingSlayer2540d ago

Your perception is flawed and biased.

Ruggadagod2540d ago

oh boy here we fucking go. all i see is words that don't mean shit to me.

X-Zone2540d ago

What an idiot, come back when you can convey some sense.

Why o why2540d ago

you live in bizzaro dude. a whole heap of fud. funny the games keep coming though. I think Sony knows what their consumers want more than those I won't mention.

disturbing_flame2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

It surprises me not to see that what i have said is not understood.

I'm a user of the PS3, i play PS3 exclusives and more and more i use my PS3 even for multiplatforms titles like Dead Space 2, Portal 2, LA Noire.
So all your statements about my attitude toward Sony or more is useless...

The reason behind eight days annulation is measurable.
It consists on strategic intern politic, it's Sony's decision.
I'm talking about the fact that some exclusives don't sell so much, what's the matter with that ? I don't really understand the problem ? Is it too much for some people that some exclusives don't sell ? it's the reality. There can be some question about it, why does those exclusives don't sell so much etc etc...

The problem with my first message is that english is not my mother langage, when i say that "All Sony exclusives don't do great scores in selling", i mean that 100% of the exclusives can't do great scores, there are games that don't do great scores, it's normal.
That's the reason i'm talking about lair, Heavenly sword or Motorstorm Apocalypse.

When you have in mind that all exclusives are not supported the same way, it's easier to see why Sony cans some of them.
This money is re-invested in other studios.

To me all these articles about Eight Days are biased because by saying that games like Eight days were jaw dropping it's only meant to make you feel uncorfortable about it, it gives you an appreciation that can make you frustrated by not playing the game whereas there are more and more exclusives on PS3.
So this appreciation of jaw dropping, was certainly true in 2007 but not anymore, if you consider there was just a demo of the game it's not reliable to the quality of a title that was never developped, only expectation...

So by the fact we know that games even if they are not exclusives are not always supported by PS3 users, it's easy to understand the priority of Sony concerning other first parties.

Question to all the people that have answers here then : Why do you think Sony caned the game even if the game was jaw dropping, please tell me ?

finnhima2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

I never accused you of being a non-ps3 gamer, nor have I ever criticized your "attitude". I was saying that your assumption was flawed. Rightfully so.

You said

When I say "All Sony exclusives don't do great scores in selling", i mean that 100% of the exclusives don't do great scores, there are games that don't do great scores, it's normal."

That is totally false and outright tripe. All and 100% have the same exact meaning. Ill just blame your illiteracy on that since you say that english isn't your "mother language"

the getaway and eight days weren't even "cancelled" entirely. They were put on indefinite hold to reshift focus on other studios. Not because of fears of not selling. Research and look it up.

MysticStrummer2540d ago

The videos I saw were jaw dropping indeed, and the only reason that makes me uncomfortable is that I was looking forward to the game. I think Eight Days was put on indefinite hold because Sony knew they had a game with similar gameplay, though a very different setting and genre, on the way in Uncharted. Maybe they liked the Indiana Jones feel of that game better than the gritty cop/crime action adventure that Eight Days appeared to be. As I recall, the people pulled from working on Eight Days helped to finish Little Big Planet, among other things.

KwietStorm2540d ago

You're all over the place, man. Just give it a rest. ' strategic intern politic' lmao what

Bebedora2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

You dont have to explain yourself...
[edit] unless counter for

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Silly gameAr2540d ago

@finnhima Good points. And, what's with this new pre-order number infatuation?

blackburn102540d ago

Of course you would choose the ones that didn't sell well to prove you idiotic point.People act as if Sony's exclusives NEVER sell well. Uncharted 3 sold at least 5 million units and everyone acts like 'that's all?'.

You know that there re 360 and Nintendo exclusives that sell badly too right? The only game on the 360 that sells exceedingly well on the 360 is the Halo series and despite Nintendo's other games that are not Mario and Zelda and their other franchises scoring above average they didn't exactly break the bank in sales. How much did Epic Mickey sell? Or Conduit? Or Madworld? Or No more Heroes? Not every exclusive can do well especially when you have so many So just stop repeating the same crap over and over again

BubbleSniper2540d ago

Gears sells well on 360, lol

I think PS3 exclusives do fine for themselves, moderately advertised and receive a good return for that alone.

but SONY EXCLUSIVES could use a boost in ad spending... it would help sell more!

Inside_out2540d ago

@ Disturbing...well said unfortunately, it will fall on deaf ears as fanboys live in an alternate reality where if you don't say their consoles of choice or game of choice is the best then your the problem...O_o

The BIG problem with Eight days was Sony, in their infinite shortsightedness, launched a CGI trailer made to look like actually game play, like KZ 2, like Motorstorm and then when people actually saw the games in real time they were like forget it.

The FACT of the matter is Sony's exclusives haven't been selling the way Sony doesn't matter if you think Uncharted with maybe 6 million sold for 2 games is ok, Sony is looking at a similar TPS in Gears of war that has sold 12++ million for 2 games.
Resistance was suppose to bring in the halo demographic foe PS3 and it hasn't. That is not fanboyism, that's the FACTS.

Sony is in this business to make money, plain and simple. Every Game has a price tag connected to it. Right or wrong, that is the way it is.

Sony's fanboys have been the biggest problem this gen. Xbox and PS3 are very close in consoles sales but worlds apart in how each demographic supports the platform...FACT...Kinect and XBL are millions and millions ahead of Move and PSN. XBL generates billions and has the most active demographic out should not be that way and because of the lack of competition, M$ does what it wants. Hopefully, that will chamge soon.

KwietStorm2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Uncharted series has sold more than 6 million, it's over 8. Have you actually seen the Eight Days gameplay videos? Because they look exactly like the trailer. I don't recall the disconnect between the Killzone trailer and the game being the reason done people were turned off from it. And this is the first I'm hearing about Resistance supposedly reaching out to the Halo fanbase. You can't just say a lot of words and stamp "fact" on it.

blackburn102540d ago

Wow. How do you talk so much BS with a straight face? XBL generates billions? Using Kinect as an example that basically has nothing but less then average games? Resistance was supposed to bring in the Halo crowd? Lack of competition?

You seem to forget that Microsoft STILL hasn't dominated the gaming world despite all the crap fanboys talk. This generation is almost over and their still stuck in the middle trying to wrestle first place away from Nintendo, just like they tried to do with Sony. If Microsoft is so powerful why haven't they surpassed Sony or jumped passed Nintendo? Why haven't they taken their fanbases away? Why haven't they outsold the PS2, an older system or dominated Japan? Microsoft is only great in their own heads.They sit there making money they are still stuck in 2nd place. If the competition is so lacking how come they can't pull ahead? Because even at ttheir weakest Sony and Nintendo still pose a threat. When the 360 sells 150 million units, call me. Until then they are STILL 2nd best.

DigitalRaptor2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Has your anti-Sony stealth trolling really become this bad?

"The FACT of the matter is Sony's exclusives haven't been selling the way Sony wants"

I'd LOVE to see your sources on that, or maybe it's easier to look into the amount of exclusives Sony has versus Microsoft and then look at where the money is at. Not only do several of Sony's exclusive games sell incredibly well (LittleBigPlanet, Uncharted, MGS4, Gran Turismo), but they have many, many exclusives on top of that both third and first party that sell great (I mean who are you kidding if you don't think 2 million is a great sales figure?) Sure, it's more modest than the huge sellers. But you know the quantities, they add up!

" doesn't matter if you think Uncharted with maybe 6 million sold for 2 games is ok, Sony is looking at a similar TPS in Gears of war that has sold 12++ million for 2 games.
Resistance was suppose to bring in the halo demographic foe PS3 and it hasn't. That is not fanboyism, that's the FACTS."

As people have mentioned, the Uncharted series has sold more than 6 million. Gears of War has sold that much if you consider the PC version (which may I remind you that MS makes $0.00 from).

Only in your brain has Resistance meant to sell Halo numbers. No doubt deserves to, but will it ever, and do Sony think the Resistance games ever will? No, of course not - and if they weren't satisfied by this, they wouldn't allow Insomniac to keep producing their games. Obviously Insomniac would like more of a demographic since they've gone multiplat, but there's absolutely nothing to suggest Sony aren't satisfied when you take everything into account.

You know companies that provide entertainment do manage a balance of making money and fulfilling artistic integrity and satisfying their userbase. I know to someone like you (a gamer who seems to care a bit too much about sales) it's all about the money, and as a Microsoft cheerleader, it's not so hard to believe.

"Xbox and PS3 are very close in consoles sales but worlds apart in how each demographic supports the platform...FACT...Kinect and XBL are millions and millions ahead of Move and PSN. XBL generates billions and has the most active demographic out there..."

Now I'm sorry, but you can't seriously believe you're making sense here? Kinect is ahead of Move by a few million (about the same difference as the gap between PS3 & 360 which is only logical), but without anything of significant quality, is there any point in arguing that?

XBL is millions and millions ahead because Microsoft charges for what should be free as a base service - to play a pre-purchased game online. The actual supporting userbase of Xbox vs. PS3 is not as distant as your mind is telling you. Like I said before, if you add the revenue of many, many, many PS3 exclusives (the ones that sell huge numbers, ones that sell modest numbers etc.) that have come out over the past few years and compare it to the revenue from the dwindling number of 360 exclusives that Microsoft makes money from, the there will not be much difference. You like to dilute certain figures to make a point though, I've adjusted to your bullsh*t!

Sony continues to make and invest in their first party and reaps the benefits in multitude, not just their top-selling franchises. How you can't see this, I have no idea...

BubbleSniper2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

nice job mentioning Killzone 2... a game that visually tore the target render down by it's own merits.

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M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2540d ago

I feel really sorry for you inside_out. I really do. To make it an agenda to bash every single thing on a console you obviously hate must be very,very sad.

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FearNoAngel2541d ago

It's not cancelled, it was put on hold.

gamingdroid2540d ago

Which is different for you how? I'm still waiting on StarCraft: Ghost which is also on hold....

stonecold32541d ago

cmon sony show the getaway 3 and eight days at games com we neen waiting for year for these games to come out im wiling to buy both of them and i think both games would sell pretty well.

vyke32540d ago

dont forget about Agent!!!!

Tyre2540d ago

I hope they will eventually finish & release it for the PSV.