Get FXAA in DX9 PC games NOW + Comparison Shots

DSOGaming writes: "A user at 3DCenter found a way to enable FXAA in pretty much every DX9 PC game and guess what, it bloody works. As you may have guessed, we have some comparison shots from various games that showcase this new AA type in full effect so make sure to check them out."

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ATi_Elite2547d ago


most GPU's have enough power to do at least 2xMSAA at 1080p. PC's are not consoles therefore FXAA is irrelevant.

Articles like this trick the less informed into thinking sucky FXAA or MLAA are good. Only use MSAA or SSAA for best gaming quality.

john22547d ago

There are games that don't support MSAA (even when brutally forcing it) so FXAA is a great work-around. Still, SSAA is the best but is a performance killer.

ATi_Elite2547d ago

Seriously WTF! What games do not support MSAA or SSAA?

I haven't seen a jaggy on my PC since 2003 so i have NO clue what your talking about.

Every game i have played supports MSAA or SSAA or it can be forced through Catalyst or the Nvidia control panel.

TABSF2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

For deferred rending FXAA and MLAA is good, Nvidia is making noise about their SRAA.

MSAA and SSAA is the best but can be a performance hog, depends on the game, resolution and system spec.

For me I can run must games maxed out with 8xAA even 16xAA at 1920 by 1080 no issue.

Ocelot5252547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

"Seriously WTF! What games do not support MSAA or SSAA? "

>stalker: s.O.c --> it doesn't support msaa(the AA that you enable in the settings isn't msaa nor ssaa, the game will boot in dx8 if you enforce AA in the control panel

>bioshock: no aa in graphic settings, and if you enable it trough the GPU control panel you lose the dx10 effects

>starcraft 2: no aa in settings, not enforceable
on ati gpu's

>GTA4, only possible wiht ENB mod and you'll need a top-of-the-line PC to run that mod with a decent fps.

and many more, just google

stupid pc elitists writing bs on n4g, It's a shame that I'll lose my last bubble for posting this.

When N4g started I attacked the 360 fanboys who were spreading bs about the PS3(it has no games blablabla). Later I attacked the ps3 fanboys (They said that ylod was a myth and etc.). Now the ps3 fanboys have bought a gaming pc and now they are are spreading bs about the PC. however I'll keep fighting fanboys forever;

BlackKnight2547d ago

SSAA can been done in pretty much any game. It is just running the game beyond what your display is and then downscaling. This causes a natural anti jaggy effect which is pretty much how our eyes work.

MSAA doesn't work with deferred rendering without a lot of work, AND if you do all the work to enable it, you need a huge amount of horse power as well, more than the normal amount.

So games like Crysis 2, halo: reach, kz2/3, crackdown 1&2, BF3, GTA4, many of the newer UE3 games, etc. They all have to use other methods of AA like a post-process or partial MSAA and so on.

Ocelot5252546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

look at the PM I received from ATi_Elitist:

----------------------------- ----------------
"No AA in Stalker....and a bunch of other games
WRONG! Your so wrong, but worse you were talking crap, so i suggest you facepalm now and turn you PC off in shame

you do realize that Nvidia and AMD keep updating their drivers long after games are released don't you?

well since you don't here you go, 4th commnent down details how to force AA

this is just for STALKER and i really do not feel like giving you the entire Internet just to prove you wrong cause not only can you FORCE AA in Stalker but you can force MSAA and SSAA

Oopps well that is SC2 now with forced AA

so pretty much the little list you provided has been .....oh wait what's this

a link showing you how to enable AA in Bioshock and still have DX10 graphics, wow where did that come from

well only GTAIV is left but since both of my PC's are top of the line we both know I already run GTAIV with AA while using the Icenhaner 1.25 mod so I'm not gonna waste any more of yo....Oops my time proving you wrong."

----------------------------- -----------

my respone:

s.t.a.l.k.e.r.: tried it, aa works but all the dx9 shaders are gone. can't test it on ati gpu tough.

the link you provided was for ati cards. Like I stated in my post, THIS ONLY WORKS FOR ATI


I would be glad if you were right because I hate the jaggies in that game ...but alas: you just can't read:

"Antialiasing can only be forced in BioShock through the graphics card control panel in both Windows XP and Windows Vista, but only in DX9 mode, not in DX10"

*clap clap clap* congrats you just made an idiot out of yourself.

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TheIneffableBob2547d ago

FXAA is better than MSAA at alphas and specular aliasing.

RyuDrinksTheDew2547d ago

im not a fan of how FXAA has a tendency to blur the detail in textures.

St02547d ago

Yeah, it's not so great. The BF3 Alpha used it by default which blurred the image, but once you turned it off by going into the BF3 folder and editing the file info (wasn't possible to change it in the ingame options)it made the game look even better since it was a crisp sharp image

TABSF2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

Subpixel Reconstruction Anti Aliasing - SRAA

This FXAA does not work for x64 systems. Oh well wanted to try myself on GTA IV, that game needs AA bad buts its Deferred rendering.

Letros2547d ago

It does, I've tested it, the x86 requirement is the games executable.

despair2547d ago

the things they do to get rid of jaggies.

SuperStrokey11232546d ago

Yeah, i dont see the difference