Blog: Why the PS Vita should be the perfect handheld

BeefJack: "In this editorial, BeefJack’s Sony expert Mark Ancucic explains why the PlayStation Vita should wipe the floor with every other handheld around – especially Nintendo’s underselling 3DS."

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TBM2576d ago

It will be perfect for me for two reasons 1) it will be comfortable in my hands size wise, and 2) proper controls for a handheld system first time in history.

The great games will be the ultimate bonus since they'll all have proper controls for them.

ARC35822576d ago

This is the first hype-train I've jumped on in a long time, and I honestly believe it's justified. With the PSV sony has every advantage. It has (imo) a more appealing price for what you get. A stellar game line up, with AAA games like Uncharted, Killzone, Littlebigplanet, Bioshock (Bioshock is reason enough for me), and Call of Duty. CoD with full online will be the deciding point by itself for a lot of people. It has huge indie and casual support, and it has the gimmicks that I think carried the DS to success, 2 cameras, 2 touchscreens, gyroscope, alternate reality. But it's biggest selling point, I believe, will be it's duel sticks. We have never "really" seen a full console experience on the go, and with it's power in conjunction with the duel sticks I think we will finally see console quality on the go. That is why I believe the PSV will be the perfect handheld.

remanutd552576d ago

i honestly cant wait to have 1 on my hands , i want to play Uncharted , Little big planet , modnation , wipeout , gravity daze , ruin , little deviants , killzone , resistance and more !!!

MasterCornholio2576d ago

It isnt perfect. But in my opinion its a lot better than the 3DS. Mind you i am just talking about tech and design.