King of Fighter XIII New Trailer

Here is an all new trailer for King of Fighter XIII

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waltyftm2576d ago

Animation still looks clunky, backgrounds still crap, no wonder Street fighter is the top beat em up.

Deadman_Senji2576d ago

Beat em up =/= Fighting Game

And no it's not.

AKissFromDaddy2576d ago

Damn....this game is going to do well when it ships.

GoldPS32576d ago

I hope so it's looking good. Should be at EVO 2012.

NMC20072576d ago

Is this all SNK Playmore makes?

killerhog2576d ago

I just bought the king of fighters-I and it's worth it. I have high hopes snk ameliorated kof13 over it's predecessor (12).

Nitrowolf22576d ago

might give this game a try, never played this series before